2 - KingMature

            In his dream, he could make out a figure shrouded by mists of indeterminate origin. He floundered through the fog, trying to get closer to it, but the figure never seemed to get any closer. He gritted his teeth in frustration, feeling a few choice swears starting to simmer on his tongue. Try as he might, however, he found himself unable to speak.

            Quite suddenly, the mists cleared and he could now see a shapely woman with short, curled hair standing before him. She smirked infuriatingly and spoke in a voice many men would find more than pleasant, “Disagreeable King. Moody King. Angry King. Violent King.”

            King listened, spellbound, his rage forgotten for the moment. “You are too cruel to your fellow humans, if only in your own mind.  How much more anger are you prone to? How much more misery can you inflict upon others with your barbed, poisoned words? I am the goddess Harmony, and I will bless you with a power beyond your wildest dreams.”

            King’s eyes grew wide as he hung on eagerly to Harmony’s next words.

            “I shall bless you with the power to heal others and yourself. With this power-“

            “Look lady, are you seriously giving me the powers of healing?” King interrupted, his anger reborn at such an atrocious idea. “You said it yourself – that I’m disagreeable and violent! Why not give me a power I can use, for heaven’s sake? What kind of lame, stupid power is healing, anyway!?”

            In response, Harmony could only laugh. Oh, humans are so stupid sometimes! This silly man thought he knew himself better than a goddess who had been observing the world for an eternity. “Silly King.” she scolded gently, “You can use this power. You believe that you’re this evil creature that can never change, but that is not true. Every human carry within them a spark of hope. One day, that spark will grow brighter and you will see that there’s more to you than you think. You can be good if you would just realize it. It is your true nature.”

            “True nature? Don’t you dare bullshit me!” King snarled, practically frothing in rage. “You’re a moron! Sexy, but a moron! If you think you can fix me or make me a better person, you’re wrong! Hey, are you listening to me!?”

            Harmony allowed herself another small chuckle before turning her back on him and disappearing into the mists once again. "You will realize it in time. There is no denying of your true nature."

            “Wait, you bit-!” King never got to finish his insult as he awoke violently from his dream to the harsh rays of the day.

The End

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