1 - KayleeMature

            In her dream, she could make out a figure shrouded by mists of indeterminate origin. She tried to get closer to it, but the looming darkness only proved to halt her movements with dread. Her tongue became a dry, useless thing, flopping about in her mouth without a sound; her eyes darted nervously around in the darkness, trying to see what stood before her.

            Just when she thought the darkness and silence would last an eternity, the mists cleared and she could see a man with long, flowing hair before her. He smiled coldly, and spoke in a silken voice, “Nice Kaylee. Selfless Kaylee. Wonderful Kaylee. Pushover Kaylee.”

            “How nice you are to those who trample you underfoot like a distasteful beetle! How much longer can you withstand the abuse of your peers? How much more of this undeserved punishment can you take? I am the god Agony, and I shall bless you with power – the power to destroy.  To use it or not – it’s up to you. But know this: it is yours to wield.”

            As the man, the god Agony, turned to leave, Kaylee interjected, “W-why me? I…I would never hurt anyone!”

            Agony, the pessimistic god, threw his head back and howled with laughter. This foolish girl thought she knew herself more than a god who had watched over humans for eternity! “Silly Kaylee.” He admonished, waggling a finger at her. “It matters not. You believe you are so gentle, so kind and innocent; but there is a beast inside every human that thirsts for blood. One day, you will lose control of it and return to your true nature.”

            Kaylee was stunned into silence and could only bite her lip in worry. What did he mean by that? Surely poor, helpless Kaylee could never harm a fly! She was the epitome of meekness; shy to an extreme fault. She never raised her voice, never argued. So why is it that she was blessed, or rather cursed, with the power to destroy? Kaylee could only wonder as her dream faded and she awoke to a new day.

The End

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