A New Beginning- All Alone

For moments I looked up at the woman who stood above me, unable to register how pretty this woman was. Her eyes were dark brown almost black just like her hair; her skin in contrast was as white as snow and her full lips, a pale red. She towered over me, probably about five foot eleven inches against my five foot four and wore elegant clothes draped over her glowing body. As I lay in my trance she turned around and said in a sweet voice "She'll be okay, just let her rest awhile". At this there was a shuffling sound behind her and a tall thin man turned and walked out. The woman circled round to me again and with a smile on her face she said to me "Your safe now, rest and when you wake there will be food for you to eat". At this, as if her words were a lullaby, my eyes closed again and sleep took me.

Awhile later, maybe an hour or two, I awoke again feeling refreshed. I started when I realised that I was in a strange room lying on a settee and the floor no longer swayed but was still. The boat must have stopped, it must be time to get off, I thought. And then it hit me I had not slept for an hour or two but for a day or two and this meant that I had not found Kobe. As the realisation hit me, panic flooded my body and as quick as I could I got to my feet and rushed to the one door in the room. I grabbed the handle and pulled hard as I could but it seemed to be locked. I turned around to look for a key maybe there was a key left in the room but to my dismay the search provided fruitless. All I found were my belongings and Kobe's coat that he had given me when I had gotten cold on deck. For the second time on the awful journey I sank to the floor but as I did I heard a key in the lock and seconds later the door was opened.

Behind it stood an older woman in her forties holding a tray with food on it in one hand and a box in the other. She laid the tray and the box on the coffee table and started towards the settee until she found that I was not there and scanned to room for me. Suddenly she started when she saw me behind the door and said in broken English "Please eat, master and malady will soon come to you" she pointed at the box and as if replying to my unasked question she added "clothes for you". She then left the room.

Without me knowing I had got up off the floor and started walking slowly to the table which contained food. Unknown to me until this moment my body was drained. I had not eaten anything for at least two days. On the tray lay an egg, soup and bread, a drink of fruit juice led me to believe that maybe it was morning where ever I was. I quickly helped myself to the food and gulped the juice down. After the food settled down I curiously turned to the box and took the lid off it. In it lay a midnight blue gown of pure silk with white trimmings. It was beautiful but why was I to wear it and how was I going to get it on?

These questions were all answered by a flood of five women who stole into the room. One announced "Undress" and was if it were law the women started to take my clothes off and put the new dress over my head. Although I felt embarrassed and tried to stop them they did not adhere to my cries and continued to dress me and within minutes it was done. They then moved to my hair and lightly powdered my face. After this was done they disappeared without a trace taking with them the clothes I was wearing. Why all this fuss over me I was thinking when all of a sudden the doors to the room opened for the third time this hour and an elderly man announced "Mr and Mrs Wedgwood" My only thought was Who?

The End

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