Uniting the Dissevered Person

The deadly game of seduction where life and death is caught in the balance with love and hate.

My name is Kathleen and at the age of twenty five eternal beauty was within reach for me. I had been dubbed the most beautiful woman in all of Poland at this young age and I intended on it staying this way for a long time. I am, and have always been an orphan, abandoned by my parents just hours after my birth as if my arrival was unwanted and unwelcome. A kind old lady by the name of Ania took me into her home and raised me as one of her own, but everyone knew I was different.

I had dark skin, brown eyes, tall and elegant. Compared to Ania's three sons and one daughter, or anyone I had ever met in Suwalki, I looked almost an alien. The family of four was the complete opposite to me. Their pale skin and blue eye contrasted with my perfect complexion, their small bodies forced to lift weights of nearly twice their mass, to provide money for the family, where my body was protected and sacred to the family. Although I was welcomed as one of the family I never felt like I belonged with them and dreamed of being with my own people.

Since the age of twelve I had noticed my good looks and quiet charms could get me a long way and so I started to use the young men of my town of Suwalki to get what I wanted. Within two years I had succeed in gaining the loyalty of most of the men in town, young and old alike, and by doing this had discovered a life of luxury with which I do not ever intend on changing.

In a place where peace was unheard of in the year 1875 it was a dangerous place for everyone especially me. Although I say that I lived in Poland, Poland no longer existed and at the time people never thought it would again, it belonged to Prussia, Russia and Austria. My hometown was part of Prussian rule. As a brief history lesson that comes along with my life I will recap on the state of my home town from the time I was born in 1850 to the year that I turned twenty five.

The day of my birth was nothing special July 4th 1860. My parents were staying with Ania's family as they passed through town and the day after I was born Ania walked into the room to find me on my own within a parent or guardian. My parents had left without even naming me, all Ania could tell me about them was that they were from Israel and both were as beautiful as me. Ania and her husband Aldon kept me and cared for me along with their three month old son Bialy. This was a big risk for them as their country was in continuous warfare; with Prussia, Russia and Austria constantly fighting. Our town was a poor town where everyone worked together. The community spirit meant that no one went through anything alone and when times were hard for me and my adopted parents help was always at hand to keep us going. Even with the constant threat of war and the fear of being kidnapped and being sent to Siberia or disinherited of our land, we all stood together.

In 1875 the whole of Poland had been divided among three powers and the country no longer existed. These powers had begun to introduce their culture and belief's among the Polish population. In Suwalki the Prussian army had started to force their language on us. To me this was a disgrace, not only did I not belong to this country but now I was being forced to learn its language and culture.The people of Poland united and fought back causing a lot more war and chaos. Throughout the next one hundred years of history Suwalki was ruined by war and famine but I was saved. My parents saw the opportunity to save two of their children and they chose me and their older son Kobe. At the age of eighteen and twenty four we embarked on our journey of hope.

In March of 1879 we were sent to America and told to find jobs and sent money home to ensure passage for our brothers, sister and parents to join us. The night we left was the hardest thing I have ever done and I will never forget it. We were herded on to a ship that had just unloaded guns and ammunition for our people. It was so crowded that by the time the ship set sail I had already lost Kobe. Alone and panic stricken I spent four hours looking for him without any luck and finally sunk to the ground and gave into the hopelessness that I felt. I must have fallen to sleep for the next thing I knew I was being shook awake lightly by a beauty young woman.

The End

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