Wander Halls AimlesslyMature

You decide that wandering the school hallways aimlessly is more important then your education, and so, you wait in the nearest bathroom for the bell to ring, and emerge. Wow, the hallways are sure empty when everyone is in class. 

But you are not the only person being a free spirit. It looks as though a few other kids too have decided to skip first period as well. 

You never quite saw it at first, but the school tiled floors are sure dirty. In fact, they're gross. Does this place even have janitors? You make a mental note to pack your lunch from now on: who knows what the cafeteria is like.

Oh crap. It's the cops. Oh stop being dramatic you idiot, it's only a hall monitor. Still, if you get caught, you might be sent home. And how ever are you going to be able to explain to your parents that you were kicked out of school in first period, on the first day. You have to make a decision, and quick, so you can avoid the hall monitor (how do those other kids not get caught?)

Do you go left, or right?

The End

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