Make Your Way Around This Horrid Hormone Filled Labrynth Know As High SchoolMature

You have decided to make your way around this horrid hormone filled labrynth know as High School. Excellent Choice! (What other choice did you have, really? But never mind)

You make you way through the LABRYNTH. This place is disgusting! How is this even considered a private school anyway? There's Graffiti and no uniforms and, you know what? You're not going to care. 

You make your way to locker number 224. Well, it's in okay condition. Not the worse you've seen yet. Ugh! But the stupid thing won't open! BLAST. You'll just have to keep your stuff on you for now. Good thinking, I mean, good hanging-out-with-yourself. *wink wink*

You examine your schedule. For first period, you have Science with JESUS. You're not sure why Jesus is entirely capitalized, but you assume it's some religious thing. It seems silly, really. Do you want to go to class, or skip class and do something else?

The End

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