Find Your Own Way AroundMature

After examining the exterior and interior of the School design, you are really not sure what makes this 'private' school so much different from a normal public school. It's not gated, there's no dress code, the lockers are shitty, and after looking at your schedule, your classes are the same. But hey, you're not complaining, wearing your fan girl clothes is always THE BEST. 

But you need to find other members of your fandom so you can discuss fanfiction and such to the point of exhaustion. There has to be other fans of DsnK somewhere in this school, especially since it's really not all that 'private' anyway. (*the anime Dsnk has a reputation of being somewhat offensive and stupid, making it slightly controversial. In fact, during the presidential race, there was even a national televised debate on whether it should be totally banned for life. Good thing Presidential Candidates don't waste their time reading anime, or the Dsnk Fandom would have been totally SCREWED.)

You decide to worry about your lack of fandom-friends for later. Right now, you have your schedule in hand. Apparently, your first class is Science with JESUS. (you're not sure how that's going to work out). Or you could always skip class and wander the halls aimlessly. 

The End

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