Sit down.Mature

After that short fiasco, you have determined that your hipster ways are not welcomed here, and that's a bad sign. Perhaps the rest of Emal is just as equally un-environmentally friendly. The idea horrifies you, as images of trees being torn up to make stupid cheap furniture, endangered animals being over-hunted for their delicious body parts, and the blue air being slowly churned brown fill your mind. It's enough to make any person go crazy! No wonder the rest of  human kind ignores climate change, it's so exhausting to think about! 

You decide that it'd be best to just not argue for now. Don't want to get kicked off the bus on your first day! You arrive at school and despite the status of it being a 'Private School,' you find it looks no different from any other High School.

You somehow manage to get your schedule. Apparently, your first class is Science with JESUS, with Miss. Revoldog. Oh good, you're science class is first! You can consult your science teacher and address the resource wasting policies your school maintains. Or, of course, you can skip class, and wander the school.

The End

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