Accept OfferMature

You allow the nice boy named Ryan to show you around school. Boy is he nice! You can't help but sometimes not listen to him, his blue eyes tend to distract you...

"And here is your locker, number .." he pauses, "224."

"What?" You ask. He seemed concerned about something. 

"Oh, it's nothing. Well, since this is your locker, you ought to know."

"Ought to know what?" You ask.

"Well, there's a rumor, a stupid one, that says this locker is haunted."

Seriously, a haunted locker? That is one lame ghost.

"Really? It doesn't seem haunted."

"Again it's just a stupid rumor.  I just thought you should know in case you started wondering why people stare at you while you use it. Now," he pauses again, "is there anything else? I really need to head to my locker."

"Oh, no, but thanks."

"Cool," he smiles, "And it seems you have the same first period as me. I guess I'll see you there, huh?"

"Oh, yea, sure." You smile back, rather dreamily.

"Cool beans. It was fun talking fan-fiction with you Macy. Oh, and here's my number in case you need me for anything..."

(Obtained Nice boy Ryan's phone number! Nice boy Ryan's phone number has been added to your list of contacts.)

"I guess I'll see you around, then huh?"

"Yea...see you." You say airlessly.

Boy do you act like a fool when it comes to guys. What's the matter with you? You try opening up your locker, but with no avail. Drat! You guess you're just going to have to carry your stuff around for now. Oh, and it looks like the bell is about to ring! What was your first period class again?....oh, Science with JESUS. That should be fun...of course, you could always just skip class....

The End

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