Find Your Own Way Around SchoolMature

You decide to ditch Scarlet and Elisha: who needs friends?

You walk around the school for a while totally unsure of where you are going. Walking through the halls by some miracle you manage to find your locker, though unfortunately, it won't open. Stupid locker! You stare at the blue door for sometime, quite frustrated with how to proceed. Then a voice interrupts your train of thoughts.

" there a reason why you are staring at your locker?" Says a deep voice.

You turn, "Oh yea!  I was....admiring the locker. Because it's so shiny....but it's not working." Anyone ever tell you you're a horrid liar?

"My name is Jason Lanigironu," he interrupts,  "the 2nd, of course, son of Jason Lanigironu the first, founder of-"

"Oh my gosh!" you interrupt, "You're the son of the founder of the Lanigironu Corporation! My dad works for you!"

"Yeah..." he mutters. You blush a little, slightly embarrassed. You have always admired the Lanigironu family. Their wealth and fame rivals that of the Kardashians. To think, you are standing here talking with the famous Jason Lan. the Second! Your parents would be so proud. 

And as you stare into his eyes, you are reminded of the second reason why you admire the Lan. Family, specifically, Jason Lan the Second. He had dreamy brown eyes, the kind that seemed to be really deep and endless, like glass brown orbs. He had perfect light blonde hair, and was tall and slightly muscular. Girls across the nation would trade their beauty just to have one moment with this boy. You could hear your 'gal-pals' back at home just sighing with jealousy as you informed them you met Jason Lan. today. 

"So yeah, you're new here?" He says.

"Uh...huh," you say dreamily. God, he has some sort of magic power that draws you to him, like those ancient sirens who lured sailors with their beauty so they could eat them.

"Cool. We don't get many new people here since the Mafia-"

"Attacked that one place, yeah," you say. Snap out of this, you're acting like a fool! First you're a bad liar, and now this!

He looks down at you curiously. "I see you've been talking with Scarlet and Elisha. Just so you know, they gossip a lot, so you really can't trust them with any of your secrets. But they're nice as well so don't be too concerned."

"Okay, thanks." You say. Then you ask, "Um, is there a reason why you needed to talk to me?"

"Uh, well, I was kind of worried when I saw you staring at the locker..."

"Oh yea, forgot about that."


"So, you wanna skip class with me?"

"What?" Where did that come from?

"Just first period."


"I don't know, you're new to Srail High, and so I thought I could tell you a lot more about it, seeing as your new and all..."

"Um...what...." You're not sure what to say. Skipping class? You're mother would KILL you if she found out if you were skipping class. But then again, it might be fun to be a rebel, and after all, it's only the first day! Who knows, maybe at the end of the year you might even become full bad-ass. And you get to spend some lovely time with the rich, famous, and beautiful Jason Lanigironu. 

Which is it, yes, or no?

The End

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