Accept OfferMature

"Sure, that'd be nice!" You say. You are not sure what is driving you to accept this offer. These two girls annoy the bajesus out of you. But they are being kind, so you allow them to show you around anyway.

My God. As they show you around the hallways and different buildings on Campus, you slowly begin to realize this "private" school is even worse then your old, public school. Is that graffiti on that wall? You're just going to ignore that. Stay positive, just stay positive, you tell yourself.

"And finally, your locker number is," Elisha pauses, "....uh-oh."


"You have locker number 224."

"Oh my God." Gasps Scarlet.

"What." Now you're concerned. No one ever gets this worked up over a locker. 

"That's the locker that John T'sohg use to own."

"John T'sohg? What kind of name is that?"

"He was a foreign exchange student." Scarlet explained, "He went to school here in the 1970's."

This story is that old? 

"Yeah. He was a great guy. Lot's of people loved him, but some hated him because apparently, he was also a bully. Well, one day, he just, disappeared."

Woah, this ghost story sounds completely original and real.

"Some people say that he just unregistered himself and went back home to his country, and everything was good, until..."

"Until what?"

"They found his remains in the school boiler room."

Are you serious. This town has mafia AND murderers? 

"And this was his locker." Says Elisha.

"Yeah. Number 224."

"Every kid who's ever owned this locker has always had issues with it. And they all end up having to leave school. They say his ghost is trying to find the person who killed him."

"So If I were you," Says Scarlet, "To maximize your chances of staying alive, I just wouldn't use this locker."

"Yeah, in fact, I'd request a new one."

"Uh-huh" you say.

"Well, other then that, you're good to go! We've shown you were everything is, so you should be able to find your way around." 

"If you need anything, we'll be at our Club in room 477. See ya later, Macy-kins!"

(Obtained Scarlet and Elisha's phone numbers! Scarlet and Elisha's phone numbers have been added to your list of contacts.)

You somewhat cringe at the way she says 'kins' but no matter. Apparently you have a haunted locker to deal with. You stare at the locker for a long time. It doesn't look haunted. But you try opening it with your combination, and funny enough, it won't open. You decide that your just going to keep your back pack on you for the time being. You look at your schedule. Apparently, your first class is Science with JESUS, with Miss Revoldog. Great, that should be interesting. Or, you could always skip class, but do you really want to push your luck on your first day of school? 

The End

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