Warn the Bus Driver the School is Wasting FuelMature

You decide that Climate Change is definitely NOT an issue that can wait. You need to act NOW. Thinking about it, you, and this conversation, may be one of the only events that stands between the Earth and the SIXTH MASS EXTINCTION. Or are we on number 7 now? Who cares. You need to concentrate on saving the planet!

You give the bus driver a long winded, educational speech about the number of empty seats vs occupied ones, and how thus the chosen vehicle of transportation is too big to be needed, and that the bigger the vehicle, the more gas produced and the more gas produced equals more environment destroyed. You kindly recommend she tell the school to switch to a smaller vehicle that will satisfy the schools needs, use less gas making it cheaper to maintain, and also be eco friendly at the same time. 

She stares at you. "Girl sit your ass down before I kick you off this bus."

So much for that idea. You have not choice but to admit defeat. Curse the system! 

The End

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