Consult your NotebookMature

It has come time, like on all your bus rides to school, to consult your Notebook. Little do most know, your Notebook contains omnipotent magical abilities. You're not really sure how these omnipotent abilities actually work, all you know is sometimes while carrying it, weird things happen to you for no reason. However, they always happen to be very convenient events that help you out. It just seems your book is simply all-knowing; omnipotent. That is why you love it so much. (Your notebook is stored within your personal inventory!)

Within it's pages are endless artworks of your favoritest fan-girl fandom of all time, the anime Dokuso-sei ni Kakeru, or as other members of the fandom call it, DsnK. Your favorite is a recently designed shipping chart of all your favorite unofficial couples. Takashi and Hakaru are definitely a cute couple. 

You giggle to yourself creepily as you flip through the pages: aren't you a little art devil, now aren't you? But then you feel a tap on your shoulder. Who dares disturb you in your hour of consultation! You shall smite them with your evil fire breathing-

Oh, it's a boy trying to get your attention. An attractive boy. He has dirty blonde hair, freckles, and glasses. Crap, you can't do this now! You can't ever act properly around attractive people. You always say stupid shit because your mind is too busy flipping out to concentrate.

"Do you have a pencil I can borrow?" He asks.

"Um. Yeah, hold on." You pull out an exceptionally wooden pencil.

"Thanks," he mutters, and slouches back in his seat.

Is that all? No name? No 'how are you?'

"Um, what's your name?"

"Ryan, Ryan Keeg." He says.

"Oh cool. I'm Macy Lamron." You reply.

He doesn't talk for a few minutes. Well, so much for that conversation. After a long bus ride of imagining shipped couples together, smiting villains and creepy giggles, you arrive at school. You are quite nervous, but also excited. This is a fresh start! Who knows what kinds of people you'll meet, and friends you'll make! This will be AWESOME. But you're not sure where anything is yet...

The End

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