Listen to MusicMature

You've decided to listen to your MUSIC, or as you refer to them, your JAMS. A fine mixture of classic rock music no one remembers and modern techno music that you find super catchy. Awwww yeah. Man, are these good! People listen to crap these days: now this, this is where it's AT baby.

You feel a tap on your shoulder.

You turn around. By golly, there's a face, in your face! You want to shriek, but you do your best to repress the urge as doing otherwise might distract the bus driver from driving safely. You don't want to crash the bus on your first day to school now do you!

"Can I help you?" You ask as you back away with chills up the back of your neck. You realize it was a boy face in your face. A dirty blonde one. With a cute face, freckles and glasses. 

"I can hear you." The boy says.


"I can hear you. Listening to techno?"

"Oh...right." You turn off your music, deciding now's not the best time. You store your Phone-p-3 player back into your inventory.

"I like techno too." The boy says. Then he slouches back into the seat behind you.

You stare at him through the gap between your seats for a bit. He's not paying attention to you anymore, but staring at his on phone-p-3 player. What is with this guy, freaking people out and then just ignoring you? You figure you'd be more mad if you weren't so attracted to him.

"Um..." you finally say after a long silence, "do you want to give me a name, perhaps?"

He looks at you, as though you are asking something absurd. "Ryan."


"Keeg." He says. The looks back down at his P3p. 

"Oh..." you say. Should you give him your name? It would only be the polite thing to do...but he'll probably find out anyway.

Just as your getting comfortable again, Ryan asks, "Are you going to give me a name?" He pauses, "perhaps."

Okay, now your irritated. But you answer anyway "Macy. Macy Lamron."

"Lamron?" he pauses, "I've never heard of that before, but it has a nice ring to it. Maybe I'll collect it."

"Collect it?"

"Oh, yeah, I'm a name collector."

"A name collector?"

"Yeah, see, sometimes, Parents are too lazy to want to name their kids and stuff so they just pay me to name them for them. I usually have a list that best suits the baby and personality. Good way to make money. It's also good for when you're trying to make up names for characters in a fanfiction that aren't normal characters-"

"WAIT, did you say, you write, Fanfiction?" You ask cautiously...

"Uh, yes."

"ME TOO!" You say, and quickly retrieve your notebook, full of your best drawings and fanfictions. You never miss an opportunity to show off. "My favorite fanfictions to write are for Dokuso-sei ni kakaru anime!!!"

"Really, you watch DSNK? That's like the best anime! Though, you don't do cosplay, do you?"

"Oh no...cosplay is for weirdos..." you assure. You've had too many....not so good experiences with that. 

"So what brings you to Emal?"

"Oh my dad works for this company called Lan. Corp and he was re-positioned here as a promotion. But who cares, what are some of your favorite animes?"

The two of you talk about anime for the rest of the bus ride, pretty much annoying the rest of the bus passengers in your wake. Ryan offers to show you around school when we get there, after explaining to him you are new and everything. Do you accept?

The End

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