Think about StuffMature

LAUGH OUT LOUD, Think? About Stuff?  Silly narrator, fabulous people DON'T think about things. Fabulous people 'hang out,' even if they are alone, it's considered 'hanging out' with themselves.

So, what is the topic of today's 'hang out with yourself' session? Well, your first wonderings stray to whether or not you will be able to obtain a Boyfriend this year. You tried several previous times at several previous schools with little to no success. However, you have optimistic hope this private school may have boys that are more suited to  your taste: or ones that will actually go out with you. And, your Fabulous Clothing adds +2 to your attractiveness stats, so that's a plus! (No pun intended.)

You then contemplate how your dad's first day at work is going. You're not sure why Lan. Corp wanted to relocate his position, but they did, and now you and your family are stuck on the west coast in the little town of Emal. This place doesn't even have a video game store! How could you even call this a town? Boy are you stuck in the boondocks now!

You have an overall boring and uneventful bus ride. You think this is good: there are WORSE things that could happen, you suppose. You un-board the bus after it arrives at school. Your only choice is to  make away around this horrid, hormone filled labrynth known as High School. 

The End

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