You decide the best way to make new friends is to SOCIALIZE. You nonchalantly seat yourself in a seat not far from the two chatty-kathies. You use your excellent ease-dropping abilities to hone in on what they are conversing about. (only so you can find a good time to pop-in, of course.)

"...and then she was like, 'no way," and I was like, 'yes way,' and she totally.."

"Who?" You intervene. Great pop-in.  The two girls are staring at you with confused looks. "I wasn't ease-dropping of course, I was just, uh, practicing... whooing. Like an owl? It's for a school play. I play the owl."

"I haven't seen you go to this school before." Says one of the girls, the redhead, "Are you new to the neighborhood?"


"Oh cool." Says the other, blonde girl, "we don't get many new people here. Not since the Mafia robbed that one place."

"Wait, there's a mafia here?"

"Oh, you don't need to worry about them, they're just the Canadian Mafia."

"The Canadians have a Mafia?"

"Oh yeah! They smuggle illegal drugs and contraband syrup into the country or something. They sometimes duke it out with the police. Only one persons died because of it, and they were really stupid anyway. It's nothing serious."

"Oh, okay..."

"So what's your name?" asks the redhead. 

"Oh, I'm Macy Lamron."

"Awwww, Macy's such a ccccccccccuuuuuuuuuuutttttttteeee name!" Says the blonde.


"My name's Scarlet Trantropmiton." Says the red head. "It's Jewish."


"And I'm Elisha Seracohw" Say's the blonde.

"And what brings you to our little town of Emal?"

"Well my dad's company, Lan. Co, re-positioned his post here, so here we are!" 

"Well," says Elisha, "when we get to school, me and Scarlet should totally show you around."

"Really, you'd do that?"

"Well of course, that's what friends are for!" Answers Scarlet.

Awwww yeah. You haven't even made it to school yet and you've already made two friends. You are so a pro at this. 

Gained 14 Experience Points. Socialize Ability Level Up! (New Dialogue Options available.) 

The End

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