Something Hipster!Mature

Wonderful choice! There's nothing like dressing in unique clothes to make you STAND-OUT. After all, you don't want to look like a drone that never puts any thought into anything, as putting a lot of thought into the clothes you wear definitely shows you have your thinking priorities straight.

You obtained the Hipster Wardrobe!(Hipster Wardrobe has been added to your personal closet inventory and can be switched out at any time with the undergarments.)

You further groom yourself and head down stairs. Your mother thinks you are looking quite unique today! Your father, who is reading his daily news paper, looks up suspiciously, but says nothing. (You are never quite sure what he is thinking about. )

You eat your waffles and pack your messenger bag with all the essentials (a coffee thermos and a phone.) You are ready to leave your house and venture out into the world. You make your way down the street and spot a cluster of teenagers on the corner. You assume they are waiting for the bus. You know you definitely stand out: they're all staring at you! You blush with embarrassed happiness: you have never felt more noticed! 

The bus arrives and everyone boards one by one. You are last on board, but it's no bother, as half the seats are empty. You are troubled, as this means the school is wasting fuel on a large unnecessary bus, which is thus only adding more unnecessary pollutants into the air, wrecking the global climate as we speak. But you decide to let it go just this one time. You figure the world's not going to end any time soon. There are two people in the back socializing, and plenty of empty seats.

What do you do?

The End

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