Something Fan-girly!Mature

Wonderful choice! Dressing with T-shirts from your fandom will help you attract members of the same specie-Fandom. But it's not like your obsessing over it or anything, the worst you do is fanfiction. Now cosplay, man are those people WEIRD. 

You obtained the Fan-Girl Attire!(Fan-Girl Attire has been added to your personal closet inventory and can be switched out at anytime with the undergarments.)

You groom yourself, paint your nails and head down stairs. Your mother thinks you look quite charming today. Your father, who is scanning his daily newspaper, looks up suspiciously, but says nothing. (You are never quite sure what he's thinking) 

You eat your waffles and pack your back-pack full of all the essentials (a notebook full of fanfiction and drawings, and a phone) You are ready to leave your house and venture out into the world. You make your way down the street to your bus stop where you see other teenagers have gathered.  Some stare at you, but they are obviously just jealous of the cool fandom stuff you have. Well that's their problem! You wait with them, and you all stand in silence.

The bus arrives, and you all board one by one. You are last, like you usually are, but it's not a problem because there are plenty of places to sit. In the back are two people chatting about something. In the front there is an empty seat away from other non-fandom heretics. 

What do you do?

The End

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