Something Fabulous!Mature

Wonderful choice! Dressing in fabulous and vain ways is always sexy. Dressing like you is so overrated (who does that anymore?). Good thing this private school doesn't have uniforms, otherwise you wouldn't be able to show this much cleavage. 

You obtained the Fabulous Clothing! (Fabulous Clothing! has been added to your personal closet inventory and can be switched out into undergarments at any time)

You further groom yourself and apply excessive make-up, and head down stairs. Your mother thinks you are looking quite fabulous today. Your father, who is reading the news paper, looks up suspiciously, but says nothing.

You eat waffles and and pack your purse full of all the essentials (make up and a phone). You are ready to leave your house and venture out into the world. You make your way down to the bus stop where you find an odd assortment of people your age standing at the corner. You determine they are all other kids who are waiting for bus to arrive as well, and you all stand in silence.

The bus arrives, and you all board one by one. You of course, are last, because lets face it, fabulous people are too cool to be first. On the bus, you look around. It is not nearly as full as it should be, so there are plenty of seats. In the back are two people chatting. In front there is an empty seat.

What do you do?

The End

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