The IntroMature

You are a young Homosapien keen on fulfilling your basic biological goal: to make babies. Okay, specifically, you want to find Mr/Mrs. Charming, which is sorta hard to do when you are going to a new High School. But life may surprise you, as you find yourself presented with many attractive possibilities. However, will evil exes, jealous friends, monotonous teachers, trivial parents and horrific embarrassments stand in your way of finding true love? WE SHALL SEE. Welcome to a Game of Hearts.

You wake up (finally) after three previous heart full tries but with little to no success. Your mother comes in to holler at you, like she has for mostly ever morning for the past 11 years since you've been going to school, to remind you what a lazy burden you are for not getting up. She leaves the room fuming, leaving you alone in your fortress of solitude.

You groan: a new day at a new school - gggrrreeeaaattt. What a wonderful time you will have sitting alone in class and at lunch with no one to talk to with the extra bonus of homework. yay. You decide not to blame your parents: after all, they do feed you, clothe you and shelter from the otherwise harsh yet mundane world. Instead, you decide to focus on your room.

On the walls are numerous posters of your most dear and quirky interest, with the exception of horribly executed painting of a bunny from your childhood you created that your mother finds absolutely adorable. In the corner near the door, is a desk with your computer, which has been one of your few means of interaction with the outside world, and only form of entertainment/social life for the entire summer. Well that's going to change today! You look over in the other corner, where your closet is, and get out of bed. 

Today is a big day, first impressions are vital! (for future reference, the underline will probably mean nothing)

It has come time to make an important decision: what would you like to wear today?

The End

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