A funny experience!Mature

This where a band gets a vegetable shower.

Last Sunday, my friends and i went to see a live musical performance by a band named ,'The Skillets'.I was really exited to go there . So my friends and i reached their very early . by 3:00 pm , the concert was already crowded with innumerable fans. Finally ,the curtains opened the band members came up to the stage.We were all cheering on the top of our voices.Then, the performance began .I heard a horse shreik. At frist i didn't understand what was happening until i saw the lead singer singing.He was fully out of tone . Then there was a guitarist who was playing the guiter so virgously that the string broke!After all this , the people were angry that thyey started throwing things at the band,one got a tomato in his face.As for me ,i couldn't stop laughing ! i don't know i have laughed so much in my life.

So if you guys really want a good laugh , visit the concert next Sunday but remember, you will be the only one there!

The End

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