A Funeral in the Spring

Sorry about the ending being so long. I simply didn't think that it was good when redid it each time so I had to end it before I dragged on any longer.

I remember standing there thinking about how cliche  it was seeing as it was raining at a funeral. There was a mass of storm clouds above the gathered mourners that stretched as far as the eye could see. I would normally have found the rain as a great way to disguise the tears flowing from my eyes but this time was different. I simply felt no sorrow for my dear friend now enclosed in a wooden casket that was being slowly lowered into the ground.

Any sorrow that I may have felt was completely replaced by blind anger. I felt no rage towards my friend for leaving me almost all alone in the world but at myself for not feeling terrible at the loss of one of the greatest companions that I had ever come to know. We had been through thick and thin, love and loss, quarrel and peace. Now he was gone and I could feel nothing except for my own selfish hatred.

I kneel out of hopelessness regardless of the sodden earth all about me. I did not care if my suit became stained beyond repair. The pain of my rage wounded me far to deeply for a worry as petty as that. As my right knee touched the wet grass, a blinding light began to shine upon my face such as the light on a stage illuminating the dancer for the audience to see. The clouds had began to dissipate leaving no shield for the sun's rays to hide behind. As the clouds began to retreat farther away from the source of the stunning radiance. 

It was in this stunning moment that I realized why I felt no sadness. The light of the sun reflected off of every drop of water with an effect that brought immense beauty to the entire graveyard. It was a beauty comparable only to the feeling of seeing the one you have truly given your heart up to after months of being apart. The cemetery glowed with a stunning radiance that simply cannot be described in words alone. 

As I marched with my back towards the yard of the dead, I realized the immensity of my enlightenment. On a day were most would have mourned do the loss of their greatest friendship, I had discovered just how much a single thing or person can change the lives of others. My companion to the end had always gone out of his way in the name of helping others better themselves. In doing so, he had become the sun an I the cemetery that withheld all of the beauty that he created. His legacy was not to be mourned due to a sudden end, but celebrated because of all of the things he was able to accomplish in his time here. After this, I now saw more beauty in life than ever before and I owe it all to a friend who was still managing to shape the world even after he left it.

The End

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