A Friend worth KeepingMature

Amy is attending Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardy in the same year as Harry Potters daughter, Lily. But, she has a dark secret...

The creature lurched through the silent garden, the moonlight casting shadows across the damp grass beneath. It's breathing was rasping and heavy, almost panting, as it crept up to the glass doors, and thrust it's large, hairy arm through it. 

Amy woke with a start. She had heard a window smash from downstairs. Grabbing her jumper, she opened her door slowly and tiptoed out. The hallway was pitch black. She felt her way to the stairs, her arms groping wildly at the nothingness around her. Pale, iridescent light was flooding in through the kitchen window, casting an eerie glow on the ground floor. She froze. A large, grey blur was helping itself to the contents of her fridge. It stopped, and turned. It's bright red eyes met Amy's own for a split second, before-


"Amy, wake up! It's time for school!". Amy pulled of the duvet, and glanced at the large trunk in the centre of her room. She got dressed, then picked up the piece of wood on her desk. This was the day she'd been dreading. She had always dreamed of going to Hogwarts, but now the very thought of all the other children made her feel sick. She slumped on her bed, a tear rolling down her pale cheeks. Se took a deep, heaving breath, slapped herself on the cheek, before making her way downstairs. She met her brother in the kitchen. "Hey, want me to go get your trunk?" he asked, smiling falsely. 
"Sure. Why not. I'll still be going, trunk or not." she sat on the nearest chair around the pale wooden table, and helped herself to the cereal.
"Cheer up, chicken." sighed her mother, running her hand across Amy forehead. "Hmm, your looking a bit peaky. Have you had your medicine yet?"
"No, I've got it right here. Do I have to go, Mum? I'm not going to enjoy it."
"Now don't be silly. You'll be fine. Now, go help your father load up the car. I know you don't like it, Amy, but we've got to blend in with the muggles." Her mother took the handle of the frying pan, which was floating above the stove, bacon spitting inside it."Come on, OUT!" and Amy was bundled out of the room into the driveway. 
Well, she thought I'm going. I'd better make the most of it, whilst I'm allowed in. 

The End

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