a friend like no other.Mature

Steve was a friend who I had known for some yrs. He was a older guy. He used to come in to the shop were I worked once a week for a coffee and a chat. As he was friends with my boss. He was the original joker though, always playing pranks and fooling around, like no other 50 yr old I knew. Not that I knew many. over the yrs we developed a friend ship like no other. He’d call at my house for a quick brew on his way home sometimes, tell me of his latest conquests in town, who he was texting and any funny stories he had to tell. He was always suggestive, and made comments but then that was Steve, forever the joker.

My boyfriend at the time didn’t like him, he thought he was odd, a guy his age divorced and not re-married, playing the field, chasing young girls, but then Steve didn’t like him either. He would give me advice, tell me I was mad and that I should find someone who would treat me right, look after me, buy me things and take me out, instead of it being the other way round which it was. Someone like Steve.

He was there when my ex and I finally split up, and I was there for him when one of the young girls he was fooling around with took advantage of his wallet a bit too much. I never thought of Steve as anything other than a mate, someone to laugh and joke with, be myself tell my mad thought’s too, as that was what we did.

The End

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