Through the Portal

We stepped into the entrance. Of course you're expecting it to be some otherwordly atmoshere inside. It's not, It's a waiting room, plain and simple.

There's a secretary at the front desk and chairs lining the walls. Old magazines sit on tables and posters hang on the walls reminding you not to forget anything and outlining the main rules of time travel.

"So..." Michael looked at me with those eyes.

"I'll go tell her we're here you just sit down." I snapped at him, I wasn't going to fall for any of his tricks.

My plan was to get the secretary to go in the back while I stole the activator key from her desk.

The activator is where you choose what world you are going to. We're scheduled for Black and White 1874. Change of plans.

I'm going to ditch Michael here and go on my own.

"Hi, I'm Sophia, and that's Michael." I said sweetly.

"Okay, I'll be right with you." The secretary said flashing a look at Michael. She only looked about a couple of years older than me, about the same age as Michael, but you still shoudn't be checking guys out while you're working! Gosh!

"Ummmm... Do you have any paper I could use?" I asked cautiously, "The printer looks like it's out."

I couldn't believe my luck it actually was.

"Mmhmm, I'll go and get some." She said distractedly.

As soon as she left I grabbed the key off her desk, called Calamity, and took off.

I rushed down the hallway. The door at the end held the activator.

I threw it open and in no time had the activator started up. I typed in "Forgotten" and it popped up right away.

"Yes!" I yelled, maybe a little too loudly.

A portal showed up. Ok now this was cool, this is what you would expect. A large dimond shape with swirling colors.

I liked this one.

I jumped through right after Calamity, but not too soon so that I didn't notice someone grabbing the end of my ankle.


The End

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