Michael Rander

We were at the meeting place. We had been there for an hour, sitting in the rain,  waiting on whoever this stupid Michael guy is.

"Mom! How long is this gonna take!" I asked impatiently.

" I don't know just calm down and wait, something probably came up." She said sternly.

Ok, this was getting ridiculous! My plan was to get through this fast, and to leave this guy on his own. At this rate I was never going to leave this time!

"Dad-" I cut myself off.

He was finally here.

Tall, soccer player build, dark hair, green eyes.

He was hot, and he knew it.

"Hey, sorry we were late, dumb dog ran off." he said, and was it just me, or did he just wink at me?

"This guy is just great," I whisper to my mom sarcastically.

" Just give him a chance.' She told me.

He's one of those guys who all the girls fall in love with. He knows he's cute, and probably isn't used to girls actually not liking him, well he better get used to it.

A chance was the last thing I was going to give him.

"Maybe we should go, can't have you guys standing out here in the rain for long." Michael said, a glint in his eye. 

"Ya, we've been waiting long enough," I fixed him with a cold stare.

We walked to the entrance.

Ok, you probably think that the portal is some awesome thing floating in the air. Nope, It's a closed mine entrance. It's not very impressive but you can't have some crazy thing floating there all the time. People would mess with it. We still get the occasional teenagers who think it's fun to dare each other to go into the mine. The retards have to get they're memories wiped and they usually forget the mine is there.

Once you go into the mine, you enter kind of a waiting room in between worlds.

" You guys know what to do." My dad said.

I said goodbye to my parents and Michael and I walked through the portal.

The End

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