Mission Day

My first thought as I woke up was " Crap! I didn't pack my bag!"

 I had unpacked it and had fallen asleep before I packed it again. After spending several minutes frantically throwing random things into my bag it was already ten minutes until it was time to go.

 "Well, so much for being prepared," I thought.

 It was almost time to go and i still had to find Calamity. I ended up finding her in her favorite spot, the laundry basket. It took her a whole ten seconds to run downstairs and knock over all the chairs at the table.

"You retarded dog!" I yelled after her.

Of course, this got me in trouble with mom who thought that the dog never did a thing wrong.

 ' Sophia, I need to talk to you." my dad said sternly.

 "Uh, ok," I said nervously, this couldn't be good.

 "Sophia, there has been a horrible accident." he said nervously " Well, you see they accidentally sent Bianca to the Forgotten Time."

 " What! Are you kidding me!' I yelled at him.

 The Forgotten Time was a horrible time, the worst of them all. It's where the most awful things from every time congregated. There has been one man who has come back from the Forgotten Time and he was dead shortly after they found him.

My brother dissapeared there too. He was convinced that part of the cube was there. After tricking the officials, he dissapeared forever to the Forgotten Time.

" I know this is hard, but your going to have to still go on your mission." My dad said gently.

 " I am not going without Bianca!" I said angrily.

" You will go Sophia, this is not a game, we have to put the cube back together." he said angrily.

 I knew there was no use arguing with him.

 " Fine I'll go." I said pointedly not looking at him.

 "They changed your mission day to tomorow and you have a new partner, Michael Rander from Kentucky. He'll meet us there in the morning." He informed me.

 "Ok, I'm going to my room." I told him glaring angrily at him, even though i knew it wasn't his fault.

 I went up to my room and laid down. Before I fell asleep my last thought was

 " I'll go on my mission, but it will be to find Bianca."

After that I slept the rest of the day.

The End

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