A Forgotten Time

Chapter 1

"It's only one more week until you can come Sophia, it won't be that bad." said Bianca, my best friend

 "I know but I'm going to miss you," I admitted sadly.

 Biaca, a week older than me, was finally getting to time travel. Since both of our parents are in a secret organization we both get to go on our first mission when we turn thirteen .

 The point of the missions is to restore the Time Cube. The Time Cube was created by a scientist named Leonard Rouge, he made the cube so that the all the different times would stay in their correct place.

 The problem was Leonard's nephew, Dylan. Dylan was extemely jealous of his uncle. One day, when he was especially mad at him, he shattered the cube.

 The pieces were scattered throughout all the different times. The top scientists in the organization believe that if all the pieces of the cube are not found within four years, then time will become warped. The job of the time travelers is to find the pieces of the cube and reform it.

 The rules of time traveling are, you must have a partner, you may only pack one bag, you must take a gaurd dog.

Since our parents both knew that we would end up going on our first mission, Bianca and I were both given dogs two years ago. Bianca was given a beautiful chocolate lab named Rodeo, he is an amazing dog and extremely loyal.

 I was given a golden retriever that I named Calamity. She definitely lives up to her name, but she is a great dog. We both took our dogs through special training courses, and they are very well-trained.

 " Sophia, I have to go, I'll see you next week." Bianca said a little nervously.

 With that my best friend dissapeared through the portal, with Rodeo following closely behind.

 I spent the next week packing and re-packing my bag, not all together sure what I would be needing. Finally, the night before I got to leave came.

 " Sophia, you need to get to sleep!" my mom called.

 "Ok, goodnight!" I called back. "

 Tomorow I'll see Bianca and we"ll start our mission, then maybe I'll stop being so nervous," I thought as I fell asleep, but I had no idea how wrong I was.

The End

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