A Forgotten Sun

Basically I came up with a beginning paragraph and decided to post it here. So collab. away! :)

You know, sometimes I was afraid of that setting sun. The way it sunk below the horizon into the night sky like it was nothing more than a shimmer of hope. I once believed that the world was a good place. As a child my eyes would light up at the thought of playing in the sandbox, or running my fingers through the blades of green grass. I remembered the hot sun beating down upon my sunburnt face, and watched as it turned my hair a few shades lighter. But as I watched the sun sink below the colours of a beautiful haze, I couldn’t help but to think to myself... “O, what a wonderful world” just might have gotten the lyrics wrong. Now, those out there who are optimists do believe that there is some shred of dignity and salvation left, but I... knowing what I am, believe otherwise.


The End

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