A Forgotten Place

This is a brief meditation and visualization activity I wrote for relaxation before bedtime.

You are in a land far away and long ago, and it has been forgotten. It is spring and night, and it is raining and there is a slight breeze carrying the rain across a field of wheat that you planted. In the west, there are no clouds, and there stars glimmer. You are inside the house of stone you built, and you are watching the rain and smelling the cookfire, the fragrant wood burning and crackling. You are happy. The rain was needed. It is an answer to your many prayers and the sacrifice you offered. A hand is placed on your cheek, and there is your mate, who kisses you delicately, who is happy to see your worries abated. There is a soft rumble of thunder, a popping from the hearth, and you sit now, open a book of devotions, and read as a candle is lit.

The End

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