A Forgotten Library

The story begins in a distant future and is centered around an old library/vault of forgotten things.


What a curious idea, putting knowledge down into.. into, what was this stuff? It felt thin and flexible, but delicate. Sort of like a pail dry leaf. Never before had Doga seen anything like it, the leaves were covered in tiny black squiggles and lines some of them in bright colors. All of these leaves were connected at one side. Doga pulled on the leaf in his hand, the curious material was harder to break than she though, but finally her ears met with a soft dry whisper sound. These were like no other leaves she'd ever seen.

"STOP! don't do that!, for all you know that could be the only one left!" Sean yelled, running over and ripping the odd item from Doga's hands. 

"Why do you care so much for that.. that"

"Book, its called book" 

Doga rolled her eyes impatiently, if Sean were to be believed, then this curious thing was like of the the tribe's stories, told over the communal fires on feast days. but she didn't believe it.

"I care so much because.. because, Dogali," Doga grimaced at her full name "this it the only connection we've… I've got left. Whether you value that or not, I do and its important!" Sean was ragged now, the past few days had worn upon him heavily. In truth, Sean wasn't really the man Doga saw and heard. What Doga saw was a strong warrior from her tribe, her lover in fact, but she hadn't spoken with Gerem in quite some time. No, from what little Sean would tell her, her beloved Gerem was safe, but somehow sleeping inside his own body. Not for the first time Doga watched Sean brush a hand through this long sandy brown hair and, not for the first time, did he seem surprised as his fingers brushed across the shiny metal parasite creature that was the real him. Sean's hand froze for a moment, then he gently probed the thing to check that it was still firmly attached.

Sean had told Doga before that the creature on Gerem's head was not in fact alive and nor was he the creature. The 'creature' was supposed to be a machine, as Sean called it, that held what was left of Sean. The more he had tried to explain the more Doga got confused, all she really knew was that, if she could somehow get it off of her love's head, then Gerem would be returned to her.

"Hey!" Sean clicked at her with his fingers, he called it snapping. "Just be gentle with this stuff. We're in the old library right now, the real wonders are in the next room"

Reluctantly Doga jogged up to meet sean, oblivious to the grand splendor that Sean saw in this 'library.' The rooms rooms they explored were larger than anything she'd ever dreamed was possible, but she'd become accustom to their large size and the dim musty air. Each room was well over 200 wide and long enough so that when she would look to either her left or her right she could not see the ends. As far as she could tell there were multiple doors in each room, but always there were two right across from each other and smack dab in the middle their long space. Above her the roof that stretched over them still amazed her. Higher than she could lob a stone, much to Sean's disapproval she had tried, the roof was smooth and uniform, but appeared to be stone. like everything else, it had been scary and new the first time around.

Sean stumbled over something, another one of his precious books. This room was filled with them, as far as she could see, and sitting on tall constructs that supported thousands, millions, of them stretching in all directions and climbing all the way to the distant roof. The shelves, Doga remembered Sean calling them that once, were barely less than her shoulder's width apart from each other and a single ladder, for both sides, was set in each row. All of the shelves seemingly free standing in the room gave her the sudden urge to push them all over. How odd.

Absently Doga muttered the words of power and, with a quick flick of her wrist, a slowly pulsing cool blue light sprung from her hand to hover in front of them. 

"I wish you wouldn't do that" Sean muttered.

"I know." She said in quiet defiance.

"I just don't know how it works yet. I don't know if its safe or not"

"Its safe, safer than this place!" Doga turned, anger rising in her. "Just because you won't understand it, doesn't mean my magic isn't safe! My people have been using it for as along as stories can remember! It is this place, this library as you call it, that has us in peril! There is a reason why the elders have forbidden travel here! It is for this same reason that I no longer have my Gerem!" Anger boiled out of her now as her last words visibly tore at Sean. The light orb pulsed more quickly in reflection of the caster's anger.

"I told you, he's not dead, just.." Doga cut in sharply, despite Sean's obvious guilt.

"Just sleeping! I know! But when will he wake? When will you and your heretic thoughts leave us in peace! My people were getting along just fine without your meddling!"

"My.." His voice grew firmer now. "It was my 'meddling' that saved your pathetic throwback of a people! It was YOU and your precious Gerem who caused the trouble! Not me! Oh no, not me. If I hadn't been dug up with this mess your little mud people would all be dead now!" Silence stretched on between them, Sean's face was flushed and his ears read. Gerem's ears. Doga had grown pale, as pale as either of their, slightly silverly, dark skin would go. She was proud of her people and believed little of the fanciful things that Sean spoke of, but she always blamed Sean for the wrong things that had happened. Now the truth they both knew was out and the pain bit at her. So many had died that day, too many.

"I'm sorry, It wasn't…" a noise interrupted his apology and both of them turned sharply to look. A pair of mismatched eyes stared back at them, Doga's light failed to cast the creature from shadow.

The End

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