A Forbiddon Love Between Worlds

The names Kimberly.... and my story begins with 'him'....
His name is Zion... yah i know weird name, but it fits him perfectly, i see him everyday in my Art hour, yah he talks to me, but whenever he asks a question... its like my mouth glues shut, i can't talk, breathe, or move... his eyes captivate me like a drug, I am addicted to him, and he doesn't even know it, well not yet.
"Kimmy, are you ready?" I turned quickly, my best friend Sophie was waiting for me by the door that lead to the Art room, all i had to do was say 'Yah I was ready,' and follow Sophie up those stairs and into the room I knew Zion was already in, so being the apparent strong willed girl i was, i took a deep breathe and headed for the door, Sophie smiled and followed me in.
As we walked up the stairs, our breathing was so uneven, mine was nervous and quick, while Sophie's was slow and paced,  my heart was pounding, and i was sure that Sophie could hear it perfectly, at the top of the stairs, my heart skipped a beat, and for that split second i thought that my heart was giving out... saved by a heart attack, but as usual, i was wong, the heart picked up again, and in the room we went.
"Kimmy, heres a table... sorry Zion, do you mind if Kimberly sits here? Oh good, thanks... c'mon Kim, Mr. Webb is starting his lecture." Sophie called to me, i was frozen in the doorway, watching him, he turned to look back at me, and i saw something in his eyes that turned by body all fuzzy and numb.
I finally pulled it together, took a deep breathe, and walked to the desk beside Zion, as i sat down, my eyes were on him, even if watching him through the corner of my eyes wasn't bad, c'mon i bet you might do that if the guy or girl you liked sat directly beside you.
"Okay... today, we will be documenting our work... Zion, Kimberly... would you please retreave your work... both of you have astounded me in your Artistic abilities, please." Mr. Webb announced catching me completely off guard, Zion was already standing up and getting his work, he turned to look back at me, his face was filled with confusion and that other thing i saw earlier that set my nerve endings on fire.
"Kimberly, did you hear me?" Mr. Webb asked, I looked down at him and shook my head, Sophie was wacthing me like i was the most stupid kid in the world, I stood up and went over to the folder shelf, great, lucky me~ my folder was directly beside Zion's, he had gotten it out for me, aww, wasn't he sweet?
"What were you doing? He called your name, like, three times...." Zion whispred to me, i looked up just as he said this, when our eyes met, that weird sensation spread through my body again, this time, he took me off guard, his body was leaning towards mine... i swung away and headed back to the front desk, sweating like a pig, eww, and breathing hard.
"Uhh, nice of you to join us Kimberly, now grade twelves, you see the color contrast... the shading, and the color... Kimberly here has portrayed her tiger with greatness and finess... Kimberly, i look forward to your future work... now on the Zion...."
When i walked back over to the folder shelf, my heart was soaring, when i had turned around after Mr. Webb was done adressing me, Zion had smiled at me, and winked...
"Wow... Kim, why don't you ever sign your pictures up for, like, contess or something? You're really good... i am very surprised by you though too, you never showed me that one...." Sophie whispered to me, when i was back in my seat, watching a beauiful portrait of a brunette girl come out to the class, i barely heard Sophie, my attention was glued to the portrait of the girl, i realized as my eyes shifted to Zion... the picture was of me....
That Night
"Look, Kimmy... whatever you saw... i really doubt Zion Macoi would paint or draw anything of you... i mean your beautiful, and your graceful... but he is, like, so into that girl from Gym hour... you know that one with blonde hair and the fat butt." Sophie told me as we talked on the phone, i was taken aback with her words, i was sure the portrait was me, for one thing the picture was brunette, not blonde, and i wouldn't, or couldn't miss my own eyes.
"Okay... sorry Sophie... hey see you next week?"
"Yah... talk to you later...." her silences were getting longer and longer these days, ever since she met Sidney... he was a transfer student from the United States, Tennessee, or wherever, he did have the amazing accent they have too, it was funny hearin ghim try and pronounce certain words.
I hung up the phone, and got started on my most recent Art assignment, last one of the year... a giant canvas, it went on the roof of the hallways of our school, they usually stayed there until the graduate student who did them either wants to leave them there or take them home later, i for sure wanted to take my home.
'We don't need no education, we don't need no false control... no dark sarcasm in the classroom... teacher leave them kids alone... hey teacher, leave them kids alone!'
My phone had a 'Pink Floyd' theme, i loved it, it was the coolest phone in the house, and my only parent, my father thought it was the greatest thing in his life, well that and the fact that i moved out from living with a crazy mother who thought the world was out to gt her, and came to live with him.
"Hello, Kimberly speaking." my usual answer to anyone who phones, but my breathe was taken completely away from me when the speaker on the other end, said hello.
"Hello... Kimberly." it was Zion.
"Uh, Hi...." i bit my lip, something i did whenever i did something stupid, and listened for his reply.
"Uh... what are you doing tonight?" he asked, my heart literally stopped, i knew two things for sure, he was asking me out, and second, i didnt have far to go, he lived like two or three houses away, another 'up' for me.
"Uh...,' i looked over at my painting, "i am doing nothing... what's up?"
"Uh... do you want to go to a movie... with... with me?" i could tell he was nervous, well who couldn't he was stuttering, and breathing hard on the other end.
"Sure, what time?" i bit my lip again, he meant, like, right now, how can i be so dumb, well what's said is said, i couldn't take it back now.
"How about... uh... now... I'm right outside." he said the last line like he was guilty of watching my house.
"Okay, I'll be right out, hold on a second." i answered, i could just barely hear the smile spread across his face.
He hung up, and so did i, I ran to the bathroom, brushed my teeth, and undid my hair, it lokoed batter out and falling over my shoulders, my dream day had just happened, and my dream boy was just outside, today was perfect.
I opened the door, and he turned around, a smile spread wide across his cheeks, turning them red, i smiled in return and walked up to him.
"Hi again... so what movie are we going to watch?" i asked, he smirked and took my hand. We walked beside eachother in silence for half the walk, when he finally broke the silence.
"Your picture... wow, it was amazing... mine sucked compared to yours...." he said, i smiled, i silently thanked him for bringing back the memory of the picture he did of me.
"Thank you... yours wan't bad either... i really liked it." i answered, looking up at him, he was a little taller than i was, maybe about three inches, either way, my eyes were level with his lips, which made my body tingle. His face went red, i thought i knew exaclty why.
"That picture came to me... if you were wondering... no it isn't of you, it just popped into my head... but i did get the idea for her eyes, from you... you have the most amazing eyes..." he cut himself off... he bit his lip, showing he hadn't meant to say that.

I nodded, i felt something inside me twist, i was hoping he would have said yah it was me, but when he said that it wasn't, i felt all together lonely again....

We walked up to the movie theatre and started looking for a movie to watch, we both pointed too a Romance movie, something i had never seen before, called.....

The End

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