Although Raj was three years older than his brother, their ability in chess was quite even, and would result in some intense games. When he had first started to play Gamaar, Raj had seen his pieces being thrown across the floor in frustration, this however had passed, and it would often be Raj left surveying an empty battle field wondering how his younger brother had beaten him. Again the first time this happened Raj reacted in a less than amicable manner, refusing to speak to his brother for a day. This however was behind them, and they now complemented each other on good strategy, and quick thinking. Raj won the first two games on this occasion, managing to trap his brother’s Raja behind a row of his own Padah, making it impossible to get out. As the afternoon drew on however Gamaar started to rack up the wins until just before the sun started to set, they were nine games a piece and just about to start the final game. There was more of a competitive edge to the game than usual, and when the end drew near Raj could see that he would be on the receiving end of a loss. He only had his Raja, Mantri and two Padah’s left, and it wasn’t soon until he was left with just his Raja. There were a few rounds of moving his Raja just out of harm’s way, but eventually Gamaar trapped him, forcing Raja to flick his final piece on its side as a show of submission and defeat. Raja raised his head from the board and looked at his brother’s face; it had a smile spread from cheek to cheek. Raja forced a smile in return. Gamaar picked up the pieces and took them back to the hut. Raj poured more water over the board and smoothed it over with his hand, leaving the final heat of the day to harden it back into its original shape.

The End

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