+: I.I :+

The light,
Oh how bright.
You must tell me,
How it must be
To be so warm
In all your glory.
But your light.
It needs no words.
For now,
I feel the warmth
And breath in your light.

+   +   +

   The girl lay there on the big green hill. The grass tickling the back of her neck. Her eyes searching the clouds for pictures. While her idle hand rested on her stomach, following the rhythm of her breathing. Down at the base of the hill were more kids playing. There screaming and laughter drifting towards her by the gentle wind. Three caught her attention; they were playing a game of some sort, and she tried desperately to push them out of her thoughts. So closing her eyes, trying to ignore the pleasant sounds, she began to count to distract herself from the noise.

   "Kick the ball over here Leo!" One of them yelled. And he did. The other two watched as it went flying over there heads; their eyes following as it landed on the hill top.

   "Way to go Leo!" This was the girl. "Now you have to go and get it." She demanded.

   "Ok, ok." He replied. "No need to get snappy Lucy." Leo walked to the base of the hill and shouted to the girl if she would kick the ball back to them. She didn't say anything, just laid there. "Hey!" He yelled again.

   "Who are you yelling at?" A confused Lucy asked.

   "To the girl up there." He pointed to the hill top where the girl was now sitting up, intrigued by the sight she watched them intently.

   Lucy, irritated, shook her head at him. Ben was just plain confused.

   "Man Leo, are you blind or just crazy? There's no one up there."

   "What no. There was. I'm not crazy!" He protested. Looking back up to the hill though there was no one there now. Maybe I am going crazy, he thought. Giving up trying to convince them he let out a sigh and trudged up the hill. Making it up to the top, Leo picked up the ball. "Man. I know I saw someone." On top of the grassy green hill, now died a deep golden orange from the setting sun, it was like a whole other world. A clear view of everything up here. There to the north you could see town nestled by a forest on the north and west wall and mountains bordering the east and south walls. And to the south was the ocean. Though the ocean was all around you. Here, Leo, Lucy and Ben live on the island. A few miles from the city; it was still a modern place. Just old fashioned style.

   Leo rejoined his friends and together, with Lucy and Ben laughing as Leo tried to tell them he wasn't crazy, they walked back home.

The End

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