In Which I Go to Space

So, if you decided to read the second chapter to my little story, this is it.

I go to space in it.


So, after I flew around the backyard for a while, I got a bit over heated and dehydrated, so I went in the back door.


The back door always amazed me, it was glass and you could see through it.

I thought it was magic at one time, but Mum just told me glass was see-through because it was.

I still think it’s magic.

A lot of times me and Paulie or my other brother, Charlie, would stand on either side of it and mirror each other’s movements.

Charlie’s gotten a little too busy for that, though. Now that he has ‘friends.’


I watch cartoons most of the day; I’m the only homeschooled one in the family because I was a ‘disruption in the class.’

So when Mum thinks I’m reading my Hooked on Phonics, I’m really watching Arthur or Recess.

All of the characters in the shows have friend, really good friends, but I only need my brothers.

And my toys.

And my television.


“MUM! I wanna chocolate milk!” I yelled at the top of my lungs, my mum came from doing her mum stuff to do some more important mum stuff.

“Go pick up Willy and Bianca and put them in your room. Chocolate milk will be waiting for you afterwards,” Mum said, ushering me towards my fallen toys.

“Her name’s Barbie, not Bianca.” I protested, but picked them up and ran up to my room.

Halfway up the staircase, I got an idea.

I stepped down a couple steps, gripped Willy and Barbie close to my chest, and hopped up onto the next step.


“This is one small step for me,” I announced as I hopped up to the nest one.

“And one giant leap for mankind!” This time I jumped two of them, and successfully kept my balance after wobbling around a bit.


All around me was grey space rock, and a brilliantly illuminated sky. A small American flag sat next to me, and I had a giant white onesie on.

I peered out through my helmet, and took a step.

There was barely any gravity, and I floated upwards and upwards, until the little bit of gravity on the moon took over and I went slowly to the ground.

“Rocket! Your chocolate milk!”

The End

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