You begin to think about your childhood days of gallavanting around the forest catching frogs...

You can see your brothers laughing as they run from you. You can see your sister crying because she has been left behind. You go back for her and tell you it'll be all right. You always go back for your sister.

The boys have hidden in the Monkey-puzzle trees but you can see Bert's leg hanging down. He can't seem to tuck that leg under as the other boys can so he's the first whose name you call. He eventually comes down and helps you and Barbara find the others.

Day is always the last of your brothers to be found. He can climb up higher, tuck his legs under and somehow not make a sound. He can go up any tree - Fir; Cypress; Monkey-puzzle. He somehow blends in. He seems to have this almost magical ability not to be found if he doesn't want to be.

In your mind's eye you can see him throwing down the frogs he's collected, you can hear Barbara's shrieks and you try to gather the frogs up to show Barbara that they're not after her, that she's OK. You maybe catch one or two. The others always get away. You release the ones you've caught as soon as Barbara quits her yelping.

You all come back home breathless and excited and eat your dinner with great delight, whooping and hollering and talking about what happened in the forest that afternoon.

Whoops - you're out of gas. Your rental's been sitting there a while and you were so busy reminiscing you didn't notice.

That's too bad because it's getting dark.

What are you going to do now?

The End

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