"Uhm, uh... Avon calling!"

The man looks surprised.

"Oh, sorry," you say, using your lip chap and then putting it away. "A little dry there. Talking about dry, my engine's out of water."

The man looks at you, uncomprehendingly.

"You know, water? Nero? In my aftokinito? Yes? I need nero in my aftokinito. Gracias... no, that's Spanish. Merci... oh, whatever."

The man calls inside to his sons but it's all Greek to you. He and they come out and pour water into your car. The man smiles, gives his name and points at you, obviously wanting you to give yours.

"Lucy," you say candidly, "Lucy Kandek. Sas efcharisto," you add, hoping you've thanked them in the right language. They nod, smile, shake your hand and return to the farmhouse.

You've now been driving for half an hour. You hear a voice booming from the sky.

"Uhm, uh... Avon calling! This is Avon calling. Our ship has slipped back through a time dip. Keep your vehicle away from this area. I say again keep your vehicle away from this tip or your vehicle will be within the time field's grip..."

You imagine that you must have imagined it, shrug your shoulders and carry on driving. You find yourself in the middle of a rubbish tip. All the rubbish has been strewn all over the road. You have to stop driving. An English guy is speaking to camera.

"This wonderful road has been turned into a decaying mess. Greece's financial problems have finally hit this charming  historic spot. They haven't the money to pay the refuse-collectors round here so the community have, reluctantly, been reduced to what can only be called fly-tipping."

Suddenly you, your vehicle, the man, his camera crew, their equipment, some of the rubbish and even some of the road are whisked away and you find yourself inside a massive spaceship.

A man called Avon is drinking something bright green. He rolls his eyes and has a sip. You all then find yourselves going on a nightmarish time trip.

The End

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