"I'm a little parched, can you help me?"

You grin stupidly and rub the lip chap on your suddenly dry lips, as if to prove the point. Obviously you had grabbed it instead of the pepper spray while groping through the glove box in the dark. The shadowy figure stepped forward into the light. It was just a man, an average looking man. You don't know what you're so nervous about.

"You vould liiike zome vater, yesss?" the man said in a thick accent that you have never heard before.

"Yes, please. I would appreciate that. I've had a long drive, and my car is also a bit parched. Do you have a phone? I could call my rental company to come with some gas," you say.

"No, no vone heeeere. Frind haz vone little bit downnnn the road. Can take you there with my donkey und carrt. I vill get vater nowww," he said as he turned away from the door.

"Thank you very much," you say.

"You veddy velcome."

The man turns his head toward you and grins widely, revealing a pair of very long, very sharp fangs gleaming in the moonlight that filters through the open door behind you.

You stare in shock, frozen to the spot. The man turns to leave the room as a woman and two preteen boys enter the room, smiling at you. All three are sporting a set of long gleaming white fangs.

The End

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