You pull it out. It's a banana.

"You like bananas," you say and you partially remove the skin and hold out the peeled bit towards him. His eyes light up and he eats the yellow fruit gratefully. When he's finished you start to creep away but the spell is broken and he's after you.

"A Brit in a banana eating a banana," you say and place the banana peel on his head followed by which you remove another banana from your left shoe and let him eat that.

"About that," he says halfway through his snack. "Figure you guessed I was a Brit on account of the way I talk, huh? Hot diggedy! It's a real shame you guessed that."

"Come, Brit, go get the banana," you say.

Once again he seems mesmerised and you can sneak away. You're inching back towards the road.

You're almost there when you hear the man behind you.

"Not so fast, you crazy broad," says the British man. He smiles. You suddenly notice that every tooth is a different colour. There are green ones, navy blue ones, grey ones, turquoise ones, orange ones... he must be a Brit!

You reach down into your right shoe and pull out the item you'd put in there for emergencies.

"You snarling at that lime, Limie?"

You show the man a lime and he starts to snarl at it. When you push it closer to his face he starts to run away, whimpering in terror.

You reach the road and decide to get a cab and then stay in a hotel.

The End

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