"In that case I'll just have to... TELEPORT!" you shout. "TELEPORT - NOW!"

Because you have failed to remove the teleport bracelet from your waistband you have a very uncomfortable journey.

You experience relief for a few seconds after arriving back on your home planet. But it really is only a few seconds. Yes, you've escaped the creepy man but... you're back. You'd spent a lot of time during the last week or so arguing against being recalled, pleading against being recalled and then going on the run from Canada, where you'd been so happy, to Greece, hoping that they'd never find you there. You were doing so well but you realised that it could all have come to an end on a beach in the middle of nowhere at the hands of a sinister stranger.

Sear V smiles at you and embraces you. You know that her welcome is genuine and she is very pleased to see you. But Grear V? You know that look on her face: it is smugness. She has won.

"Welcome," says Grear V. "I trust that travelling with the teleport bracelet behind you like that didn't make your return journey too uncomfortable. I'm so relieved to have you back, Clear V."

You hate hearing your real name. You've been hiding behind an Earth name for so long that it's long since felt like your real name.

"It... it's wonderful to be back," you say. You realise that that didn't sound convincing at all and you cast your eyes to the ground.

"Watch the screen, everyone," says Grear V. You all watch as the British guy looks about him in some confusion, wondering where you have gone. You then watch him walk to a cave. It is full of clothes and food. Clearly this is where he lives. You see underwear, suits, ties, shirts, coffee... then you see it. A blood-stained axe. That would obviously have been your fate had you stayed.

"Observe," says Grear V, enjoying her moment. "Observe an Earthman and his ideas of 'civilisation'. I shall not deal with him personally. I shall deal with the whole of his kind when the time is right. I can do so with a clear conscience now I know that no-one of our precious race is left stranded on that creature's terrible planet. They need to enjoy it while they can. The hour is coming. I have selected..." she pauses and raises her hands to the heavens, her eyes closed... "the 21st of this month in their calendar."

You take one last look at the beautiful Earth sea on the screen and then allow yourself, reluctantly, to be led to the reprocessing chamber by Sear V.

"I have prayed many times to the goddesses that you would be all right," she says. "I'm happy that you are returned, sister."

"I'm very happy to see you again, Sear V," you say. "You know it was not from you that I was running."

Sear V smiles. "I know. But it's so nice to hear you say that. Please go through. Remove your clothes and empty your mind of all thoughts. A new you will be reborn."

You do as you are bidden. A door flies open and a robot falls out. It is the British guy. No wonder his accent didn't sound very convincing: he was one of Grear V's robots! You ought to have guessed. It was all a ploy. You want to get up and scream that it is all a hoax... but you are too late. The reprocessing rays pour down and you lie there helpless, knowing that in a few minutes you will not care about anything like that anymore - you may not even remember it.

It is now the 21st December - at least, you would have called it that had you still been on Earth. But you have been reprocessed and you no longer care about such things.

"I trust you are better, my dear?" asks Grear V. "Yes, thank you, Grear V," you say.

"I couldn't possibly perform this operation without my best scientist. We are going to crash our planet into that benighted planet known as Earth. In a few hours it will no longer exist. But our beloved planet is made of stronger stuff - we are going to survive without a scratch. You're going to help make that happen."

You smile, grateful for this acknowledgement of your abilities. 

As Grear V says, within a few hours you've turned seas into tsunamis, made volcanoes erupt, caused houses to melt, made nuclear power stations irradiate everybody and eventually made the whole of Planet Earth disappear. Your own planet, Nibiru, remains unaffected by this, thanks to your incredible skills as a scientist.

You think about this year. The people of Earth would call it 2012. But there'll be no-one left there ever to call next year 2013. 2013 is a concept that has disappeared like a passing thought. You grin. Your work is done.

//////////////////////////////////// THE   END \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\

The End

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