A Crusty Time in the Cretaceous

For some reason you have not only travelled in time but also to another part of the planet.

Mexico in the late Cretaceous is a mighty hot place! You sit on a rock, sweltering. A cameraman called Dub gives you some water from a flask.

The man who was speaking into the camera about garbage in modern Greece gives you a large piece of crusty bread.

Avon gives you some cheese. You sit and eat your snack and gulp down the water gratefully.

A Tyrannosaurus Rex appears. Everyone is terrified. You are too hot and tired to move. You offer the dinosaur some of your crusty bread. He is a greedy sod! He eats the lot. He then proceeds to eat all of you and as much of your stuff as he can chew.

He looks up into the sky. It has suddenly got dark. It has suddenly got cold. Through the gloom he can just make out a huge cloud of smoke and dust coming towards him. If dinosaurs could speak he would be saying, "Oh $@%*!"

He starts running. It starts to rain molten rock. A piece hits him on the head. He lies down. The ground is shaking. It is the end for him and for all of his kind. What a way to go, though! That was one satisfying meal!

Many years later scientists are examining some pre-historic remains discovered near the site of the Chicxulub crater. They are surprised to find, in amongst all the dinosaur bones, what looks like the license plate of a Greek rental automobile.

Thank you and good night.

                                                        T H E       E N D

The End

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