The Cheeseknife is a Wonderful Piece of Modern Technology: It Splices the Cheese Twice

"So I contend that the case is made - that is that this house believes that the cheeseknife is a wonderful piece of modern technology: it splices the cheese twice. Thank you."

It's the moment you've been dreading. The speeches are over. The questions won't take long and then you'll have to leave the cave again. Pretending to have booked to be  an attendee at this ridiculous English-language debate took you away from your freezing cold failed car for an hour and a half but soon you'll have to leave this cave, walk down the hill and sit back in there until tomorrow.

You suddenly hear a strange conversation: one of the guests is saying how unusual it is that the Catholic Church at the top of the hill has started selling gasoline. Her friend says that they must be trying to steal parishioners away from the Orthodox Church by such gimmicks as they are also doing breakfasts, accommodation and cheese and wine parties up there.

Do you

The End

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