You Turn Around to Run, but Fall on your Face on the Doorstep

You got up but your head was pushed down again by one of the farmhouse guy's creepy sons.

You will try to raise your head again but the creepy boy will push it down again, laughing.

You try to raise your legs but the boy's father comes out, puts his hands under your armpits and lifts you onto your feet.

"Enough off games," he would have said. You would have been transfixed as his entire family would have hovered a few inches off the ground. "Vee all fly to our home - our rreal home. It eess not here - it eess in Transylvania."

Like a nightmare you will have been swept off your feet and flown amongst the cackling, crazy family, faster and faster, fields whizzing along underneath you along with railway lines, bridges, roads and the ever-glistening sea.

They might have tried to take you to Transylvania but a border dispute might have made the European Union force you all to land early while they and NATO officials discuss whether your mode of transport was environmentally friendly and which country might have had the right of way to hover in this area.

While they were all arguing you made your way back to your rental car all those miles away. You got in it and realized you were out of gas. The brakes didn't work and your car sped rapidly backwards down the hill and crashed into a vat that stored the local sewage. Boy, when things go wrong!

The End

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