A coastal storm rolls in & extinguishes the flames -- and completely douses the woman

Candice couldn't believe that it had been a whole year since that terrible time in Greece! How come so many klutzy things had happened to her on that mission?

She looked out the window of the hospital and smiled at the maple tree she saw gently waving in the breeze. Yes sir, she was back in a world that kind of made some sense.

It was too bad about that incident with the lawnmower last week, hence her enforced stay in hospital, but at least she was back in Canada rather than swimming like a maniac through a freak wave to get away from a burning car only to be chased from a Greek farmhouse by some goon with a gun.

The nurse came over to speak with Candice. She was smiling. There was good news - the X-rays showed that the wounds were healing up good and that she'd be able to go back home next week.

Candice smiled and tried to sit up. Unfortunately she leaned on the emergency release button and the wheels were unlocked. She slid faster and faster down the other end of the ward, out thru the door and into the street. She slid toward the river and was only stopped by crashing into the guy who sold apples there. He tipped over into the river, his apples soon catching up to him. She heard him yell in French. She reached for her dictionary but that caused the bed to nearly fold in two, leaving her bent in a rather weird shape.

She looked at the empty apple cart.

"Why?" she asked. "Just... why??"

The End

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