Another driver comes along

Kendy tripped slightly and steadied herself. The sound of her high heels meeting an old framed picture echoed throughout the room. Everything echoed now that the place was virtually empty.

Kendy bent down to look at the picture. It was an oil painting of herself and Jendy. How amazing to think that when that had been painted it'd been less than a year since Jendy's and Kendy's chance meeting in Greece.

Kendy had been walking away from her rental car when Jendy had appeared in his own car. It hadn't taken long to work out that they were both working for The Organisation. She'd known there was another agent there of course but not that he'd turn out to be such a handsome one or that things would turn out as they had.

Wonderful, wonderful years.

She wondered why the removal men had left this particular picture in the villa. She went to sit down but of course the sofa had gone so she just sat on the floor and stared at the painting.

Dear Jendy. Dear, dear Jendy. She stroked his face. There was glass between the painting and her fingers, of course. It should have felt cold but somehow it didn't. She felt his warmth and could have sworn that she saw him smile back at her from the oil painting. "Dear old Jendy - where are you now?" she wondered.

"It's time to leave this place now," said the woman in the doorway gently but firmly. She had on her usual black raincoat despite the weather.

"You startled me," said Kendy. "I didn't know you were here."

"I'm always here," answered the woman. "You know that. And it's time to leave. Come on." She held out her hand.

"We did good, didn't we?" asked Kendy.

"Kendy, it's time to leave."

"There were good times and there were bad times. There were scary times but they were always amazing times, weren't they? I mean really amazing."

"For what it's worth now I wouldn't have changed my life for anything," replied the woman in the raincoat. "But then was then and now is now. It's time for someone else to live here. And it's time for this story to end."

"End? Yes, yes, I suppose so," said Kendy.

"Everything must end," said the woman in the raincoat. "The good thing about bad things is that you know they're going to end and the bad thing about good things is that you know they're going to end." She stroked Kendy's head gently. "Nothing can be eternal. Not even The Organisation."

Kendy took one last look out of what had been her and Jendy's sitting room window. She turned to the west to face the cliffs far above the azure blue waters of the Ionian Sea, the scorching summer sun setting before her in a cascade of golden flame.

"I liked being me," said Kendy. "I mean Kendy and Jendy living in this big old place having our big old adventures. It was... it was... the best thing ever. No-one will ever know the times that we knew or... or have the fun that we had. No-one."

"The sun is setting. Night will soon set in and we need to be gone from here," said the woman in the raincoat.

"Gone. Yes. Like a passing thought," smiled Kendy sadly. She took the woman's hand and they headed towards the door, the walls melting away as they travelled forwards.

"The best time," added Kendy, "was that time with the flares and the rental car near Pyrgos when another driver came along. And his name was Jendy."

*      *      *      *                                        T H E  E N D                                            *      *      *      *

The End

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