You take your chances with what little gas you have left, attempting the winding coastal drive back to Pyrgos.

You pass the placid farmhouse with a shudder of doubt. You are not the most social individual, and your reluctance to ask for help may cause you a great deal of trouble if you end up in the middle of nowhere with an empty tank. But at least you are alone with your thoughts now.

The setting sun casts long shadows along your path. The trees that dot the roadside - stubby in comparison to the ones back in Canada - seem to loom over you benevolently, their shadow-branches tickling the road as your drive over it. You chuckle to yourself at thought of a ticklish road. My god, what a life that thing would have! It would be so busy laughing from all the people driving over it that it would never have a chance to realize that: "Hey, I'm a road! Who would've ever thought that I'd be conscious!?"

Unless it was left alone for a very long time, as this one has been. But then again, a road is never really alone. If you had the gas (which you don't) you could drive to Bangkok or Barcelona. This road is connected to all others. In fact there are only a few roads in this world, one in Australia, one that connects Europe to Asia and Africa, one that connects North and South America...

Actually, does the Panama Canal separate the roads of North and South America? If it's wide enough for those enormous oil tankers to pass through it, what kind of bridge could possibly go over it? Certainly not even one of those movable bridges could stretch over even the narrowest part of the canal... There must be a tunnel!

Ah, but you are in Greece! Many of the world's wonders lie here, why would you be thinking about the economically-oriented 'wonders' of the new world when you are driving through the birthplace of Western Civilization? Because you have a wandering mind, that's why. Can't you just enjoy the view? No, don't be enjoying anything right now, just ease off on the gas... when you are going down hills you don't need to be using any gas.

Concentrating on driving, a fairly monotonous task in a calm place like this, is not an easy thing to do and your mind begins to wander again.

The End

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