Prince Neo

Fuzzy thoughts pop in my mind. A man with blonde hair and blue eyes appears in front of me. He was pushing all my guards to get to me. He was handsome but he had an evil look to him.
"You are going to stay with me forever." he says with an evil laugh as he slides his hand down the top of my dress.
"No. STOP!" i was left defenseless as the prince pinned me to the wall.
I open my eyes and realize I'm in my room. It was barely light out.
"Oh thank the heavens, it was just a nightmare." Moreover, why did I dream of the prince being like that? Was I afraid? No, he couldn't be that bad. Even if he was i can handle myself. Either way i should tell Adalyne.
I get out of my bed and shake my head. I wonder if he even looks like that. 
To ease my mind I quickly change into a brown tunic and put a black vest over it. I put on black pants and knee high boots. My hair is softly put into a ponytail. I rush to the training headquarters. When i arrive i find everyone sparing but once they see me they bow. The commander walks towards me and says, "Sorry Lady Serafina. We can leave if you want us to."
A tint of blush rushes to my cheeks. I remember that they are starting to train earlier just in case I don't marry. "N-n-n-no it's fine I just want to spare by myself."
"All do respect milady but, are you sure? I can let you spare with one of the newer recruits."
"Do you mind if i choose who to spare with?"
"Not at all." He bows one more time as i walk away.
"Hmmm..." I grab my iron sword from the rack and i strut past all of the new ones and I go to the older guards. "James? No. Maxine? No. Anthony? No." My eyes avert to Adalyne and she knew what i was going to do. "Adalyne Cole. Don't go easy on me."
"Princess, are you su-" I cut the commander off.
"I would like if everyone would look, maybe you might learn something new about me."
"Milady, My apologies but don't you think Adalyne is a little too advance for you?" Williamson questions.

I chuckle a bit at his accusation. "Just watch my dear boy.
"Ma'am, would you like to wear some armor?" I hear Anthony call out.
"I won't be needing that." I walk towards Adalyne.
"What are you doing?!" She whispers.
"I have to prepare just in case I cant find it in my heart to love someone i have never met before." I whisper quite loudly back.
"Oh i get it, they wouldn't work under someone who can't carry their own weight." she whispers and winks.
"You may be my guard but you will not go easy on me."

"I was not planning on doing so, Princess." She bows and gets into battle stance.

I twirl my sword and get into battle stance as well. I've trained Adalyne to have an even mix of both offense and defense so if i plan an attack with mostly offense she would go for more defense making her get tired easily where i can strike when she is starting to attack slower.
Strike. Strike. Strike. Each time she aims for different parts of my body but my sword was there to deflect all of the strikes. After 5 minutes of her striking she starts to get slower and slower. When she last expected it I flick her sword out of the way.
Everyone stares in awe as i twirl my sword again and i face them.

"But, Adalyne is one of our best knights." The commander stands, still in shock.
"I hope you all learned something new about me. I'm not useless. I should take my leave. Sorry for taking up so much of your training time." I attempt to leave but the commander calls out for me.

"Princess! Wait!"
"Yes, Jasper?" I turn my head.
"I'm sorry for doubting you before. Would you like to teach the newer ones a lesson or two about battle?"

"Of course i would." I smile warmly at the commander.
I gather all of the newest knights and I begin to teach them about what i did.

"Alright, would anyone like to tell me how they think they should first start battle off." I say acting like a teacher.
"You should always strike first." Someone i can't make out the name of answers.

"Wrong, you should always go second. This is so you can make a judgment of how they fight. Most of the time if they strike first they would go for a more defensive battle type but if they defect your strikes more they are going for a offensive battle type. Your best bet is to go with a mix of defense and offense. This is so that you will be prepared for both type of battle type."

I continue to teach until the sun is burning brighter in the sky. I then move to sparing with them to show what I was talking about. Some of them want me to go hard on them which if i did i would most likely beat them quickly so i said no to them. Before i knew it it turned mid day. While i was training I remember what today was.

I was working up to the higher ups, i was training with Williamson. I get lost, looking at the window and see the sun has risen higher in the sky.

"Oh no it's that ti-" I feel a sharp pain in my side and i find myself on the ground, everything in between these events was a blur. I look down at the place where the pain was coming from and i see my vest was cut open and a necklace was dented. I pull out the necklace and remember where it had come from. Adalyne gave it to me when she had enough money. It was my first birthday present that had meaning.

"PRINCESS!" I hear The commander call out. He runs towards me.

"Princess, I'm so sorry I couldn't stop my sword fast enough." Williamson apologies.

I get up on my own. "I'm fine i'm fine no need for any attention."
"I beg to differ." A soft yet masculine voice says. I sounds like a foreign voice. As does everyone else. I see a man with brown hair swooping over his soft blue eyes. He looked much taller than me. His garb gave off a princely vibe. Wait princely. It takes me 10 seconds to find out who it is.

"My apologies, I didn't know you were coming at this time."

"Well you looked busy I didn't want to interrupt you. Do you want me to look at that?" He looks at my cut vest.

I cover it, "No, i truly am fine, it's just a little cut." I almost get lost in his beautiful eyes. I clear my throat. "I digress. Everyone, this is Prince Neo of Orkkid. Show him hospitality while he is here." I announce to everyone. Everyone bows. "Do you mind if i finish sparing with everyone? I promised I would." I ask, moving my bangs out of the way.

"Not at all." He gives me a smile that makes me blush a bit.

"Thank you, if you want you can watch."

"I would like that."

I walk back over to Williamson where he continues to apologize. "Princess Serafina i'm so sorry."
"Will, what did i say about it? I said i'm fine. No need to apologize to someone who's fine. Clear your mind or you won't spare to your best abilities." He nods his head and we continue to spare from where we left off.

After about an hour i finally spare everyone. I get a few scratches on my face, legs, and arms but it's nothing too concerning. "Thank you for your time, Jasper." I say looking at the commander.

"Pleasure's all mine, Princess." He bows his head and i walk away from him and towards the prince.

"Enjoy the show?" I joke.
"You were stunning, to be honest i didn't think you were a princess when i first arrived here. I was a bit shocked when i heard princess." He says walking towards me. He gets on one knee and kisses my hand.

"That's a bit cliche don't you think?" I laugh.
"Sorry but i had to, you are too pretty."

"Oh don't flatter me. Come, i'll show you around the castle."

I grab his hand and lead him out of the room. "Actually, there is something a really want to ask you." I say looking at the ground. "Do you actually want to go through with this marriage?"

"I heard stories about you. About how you were beautiful yet modest, strong yet smart. I had to see if it were true. Because if it were then you are someone i would want to marry."

"I see, sorry about that." I release his hand. "Anyways down this hall is my favorite place to be, the library. It's where i spend most of my time reading books about magical lands much like ours..." I continue to talk about the book that i was actually writing.

I explained it as if it were an already published, i wanted to see if people would read it and to my shock the prince says, "That sounds like an interesting book, i'll have to read it when i have the chance."

"Really?!" I say excitedly.

"Yes, I've been slacking on reading but maybe it's because i haven't found the right book." he says scratching his head. His brown hair covering  half of his left eye.

I reach my hand up and move his hair out of his eye. Slowly i move my hand down. "Anyways, if you head further down this hall that is where..." I continue to give him a tour and sometimes when i go to a new place i find him staring at me. Hours after i finish the tour i end at my room. "This is my room, do you mind if i change out of these clothes?"

"Go ahead, I'll wait for you."

"Thank you." 

I go into my room and start to panic. "Why didn't i check the time earlier!? I wasn't prepared." I scream in my head. I go to my walk in closet and I look for a dress. I find a beautiful lilac dress. The top was darker and around the waist was a gold belt and the bottom was a soft purple. The sleeves were slightly tattered with but that just added on to the dress. i kept my shoes on since the dress was long enough to cover it. I slip on the dress then i walk to my vanity. My ponytail was slightly undone. I release my hair and find that it had beach waves that would look lovely with the two ends on my hair tied together in the back then braided. 

After 20 or so minutes i walk outside slowly.  Neo is looking down and fixing his collar. The more he tries to fix it it gets worse. "Here, let me help you with that." I say holing out my hands trying to get it back into place. I look up at him and laugh when i see him blushing a bit. "Heheh, sorry. I've never seen someone blush at me." Moving my hands away i look down. "I've never even been called cute."

"You aren't cute." I shoot my head upward. "You are beautiful and strong."

"I'm far from strong."

"When you were fighting today, proves otherwise. I've never seen a princess ever spare with her knights. It was a surprise but a good one nonetheless."

I smile, "I first did it because my parents wanted me to be a knight if my brother had to take the throne, but he's married and he's a king in an island not within traveling distance for me. Even though i miss him i can't see him. I write sometimes but he barely replies. Must be busy."

"It must get lonely for you here."

"It isn't really, my personal guard has been my close friend ever since she saved me when i was 13. I was in over my head that day."

"She sounds like a wonderful person to help you."

"She really is."

I think about all of the things I've done for Adalyne and all the things she's done for me. We were truly the best of friends. No one could separate us.

The End

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