The Act

"Lyn. I have a question."
"What is it Sera?"
"Why were you training with the sword i used that day?"
Adalyne looks up with her eyes widened and a bit of rosy glow splashed on her cheeks. 
"Oh, uhm, i just think it would be nice. Since I've turned out to be very good while you trained me with that sword, i thought i would train someone as good as me with that sword. You know, like a tradition?" She says scratching her cheek.
"It warms my heart to hear that. Did Williamson say anything while training?" I say talking all girly.
"He just mentioned his undying love for me." She says chuckling.
"Did you accept his proposal." I say holding back a laugh
"Of course! We are going to raise 10 knight kids!" She says laughing so hard her light brown eyes glisten with tears of laughter building up.
Just then i hear a knock on the door with a voice following the words of, "M'lady. The king and queen ask for your presents in the throne room." 
"Huh, Williamson?" I say quietly.
Adalyne jumps to her feel and readjusts her ponytail and is about to exit when he also asks, "Have you seen Adalyne? I have something i want to ask her."
She freezes up. 
I chuckle a bit before i reply with, "I haven't seen her, maybe she went to the little lady's room."
While stifling a laugh he says, "Ok I'll wait for her. Thank you for your help m'lady."

I hear footsteps leading away from the door and i let out a long laugh.
"Maybe he really is going to confess his undying love for you!"
"This is all too rich!" 
"Honestly, i'm in interested in him. i just don't want to hurt him."

"Just tell him you aren't interested in dating. It can't be that hard can it?" I undo my hair and attempt to redo it.
"It isn't that easy. In any case you should go see what the tyrants want you for and i should go hide from my 'love interest.' Good luck." She says putting on her helm and pulling her ponytail out of the top piece.

"Take care, Lyn." She exits the room in an orderly manner.

I make my way back to the throne room where my tyrannical parents await. They look at the door as i enter. "If i'm going to have to meet him might as well play the part they want me to." i say quietly in my head. "You ask for me again?"
"Ah yes, we made arrangements while you were gone. Prince Neo shall arrive tomorrow in the noon." My father says.
I tried to act the part but i let it slip. "Why so early?"

"What do you mean? The heirs of the throne must meet as soon as possible." My sly grinned father replies in a snarky manner.
"I haven't even had the time to pick out a flattering outfit to meet him in." I say moving my fringe around making it seem like i actually care about this encounter.

"Oh Serafina, you doubt our planning. We have a lovely dress that your lady-in-waiting has picked out just for this occasion." My mother says in a soft voice.
"Wow, that's my parent's. Always prepared." I lie through my teeth.
"It's about 5 dear. Get ready for dinner. We are throwing a feast for this occasion." My father says in a highly amused voice.
"I don't think that will be necessary. I think i want to get my ladies-in-waiting to pamper me to look beautiful for Neo. No need for dinner." I say waving my hand around a bit.
"That's right. Abby, Kate, take Sera and tend to her." My mother says ecstatically. 
"Right on it Queen Delaney." Abby says bowing her head.
"Follow us M'lady." Kate says motioning to her.

We walk out of the room and we go to the bathroom and they say, "You should take a bath first and then we shall tend to your nails. Everything else can be done in the morning of Prince Neo's arrival."
"Will do. Thank you Abby and Kate." I say bowing slightly.
I go into the bathroom and fill the tub with warm water. I recap everything that had happen in the past hours. 
"So i honestly have to meet him." I say putting my arms around my knees and pull them towards my chest. I put my head under the water and open my eyes seeing the blurry water surface.
I wash my hair and the rest of my body then i dry off in a towel. I then see that my ladies-in-waiting forgot to prepare my night gown.
"ABBY!" No one replied
"KATE!" Again no one replied.
"Why does this stuff always happen at the worst times?" I say aggravated. I walk out of the room with a towel wrapped around my chest. I try to make it to my room without confrontation and i was successful. 
Instead of putting on night attire i grab a cream colored short sleeved shirt I've cut to land right above my hips. I grab shorts and i put a corset on my hips and tie it to be tight but not too tight. Then i put on some brown fingerless gloves and i sneak into the training headquarters. 
At this time everyone would be outside with the Commander. I was alone in the place i seek refuge. 
I run my hand over the wide assortment of weapons and i pick up an iron sword with the letters S.L. engraved in the handle. This was one of the many weapons that was assigned to me. I pick up the sword and go to one of the training dummies. I bow as i get into battle stance. 
I slice at the dummy for hours. Next thing i know the sparkling sun turned into shining moonlight, my only source of light. I then hear a knock at the door. I hear it open then i see Adalyne with a candle in her hand.
"Hey, are you ok?" She asks.
"How did you know i was upset?" I question wiping beads of sweat from my forehead.
"You come here to get away from everything else." She walks closer to me and hands me a chalice filled with water.
"Thank you. And to answer your question they arranged for him to come tomorrow. Tomorrow!" I swallow the ice cold water feeling every drop cool my nerves.
"Are you sure you're prepared?" 
"I'm going to have to be, i have no other choice." 
"I have an idea." Lyn says grabbing a sword from the rack. "Let's spar like old times."
I smile at the idea. I get into battle stance to answer her her.
We spare for a good hour until she knocks the sword out of my hand. "You just won because I'm exhausted. I burnt myself out before you came."
She turns to the dummy i was practicing with. "I won't take that as a lie." The straw from the dummy was practically pouring from all the cut marks i made.
"You know if i do something it has to be perfect." I say smiling.
"You would have won if it were not for that fact. You have always been better than me." She says smiling sweetly.
"Ah, but you are one of the highest ranking guards we have at this castle." I wink.
"Because i learn from the best." I swing my sword around like a pro joking.
"Whaaaat? Nah, I'm not the best. I'm beyond the best!" I stick out my tongue.
"Heh, but really. You should get some sleep. We both know you are exhausted and i had a long day that i wish to put to an end quickly."
"General get on your ass again?"
"Like everyday? Yes. Lord knows he has a some anger issues."
"Aw, i wanted to spar more." 
"We can continue tomorrow if you would like."
"Really!?" My eyes glimmer.
"Of course."
"Ok, but can you walk me to my room?"
We walk towards my room while being silent. My mother and father would be asleep by this time.
We get to the door and Adalyne says, "Here we are. Till sunbeams find you, Sera." She whispers.
"Till time wakes you." I respond.
We hug then part ways. My ladies-in-waiting lit candles in my room. I get my silky cream colored night gown and i dress myself. 
I grab the book, quill, and ink that was on my night stand and i start writing what happened in my day and all my thoughts. "If i don't fall in love with this Prince i will have to go through with plan b. Thank you for listening." I sign my name the put it back on my night stand and i slip into my sheets.
Darkness consumes my body as i slip into a deep blissful sleep.

The End

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