A Flicker Of Light

That day started like any other day.
The gleaming beams of sunlight dance on my delicate skin as i hear a knock on my dark oak door.
"Princess Serafina, it's time to wake up." I hear past my door from my personal guard, Adalyne. 
I slowly get up from my silk covers and i open the wide door to see a dark brown haired, Adalyne holding her helm in her hand against her chest as she bowed before me.
"How is your morning so far Princess?" She says particularly excited.
"You know you don't have to be so formal around me, Lyn." I reply, sleepiness laced in my voice.
"I was ordered by the king to keep our conversations formal, Princess." 
I yank Adalyne into my room and close the door behind her. "Now you won't get caught." I grin.
"Good riddance. Did you sleep well Sera?" 
"Um, define, well?"
"What did you stay up to do this time?"
"I was just thinking about how life would be right now if my parents were the same as they were when i was a child, you know, not so much tyrants but kind rulers?" 
Adalyne adjusts her long and wavy ponytail. "If you really have a problem with them why don't you just express your feelings to them. You are next in line for the throne."
I give out a chuckle, "You think they care about how i feel? They are still the king and queen and they go by how they want to. I can't do anything about it."
Adalyne made the face she only makes when she has remembered something. "Speaking of the king and queen they gave me a message to appoint to you."
"Well, go on. Tell me."
"They said they needed to talk to you at seve- oh dear it's six thirty!" Adalyne says looking at her pocket watch. "You know how they feel about punctuation!"
"Calm down you know i get ready fast." I say in a soothing voice to calm her down as i look deep into her honey colored eyes.
"I have to go as well, i promised Williamson that i would spare with him."
"Isn't that the new guard that started a little over a month ago?"
"Yes, let's just say he takes a certain interest in me." Her cheeks start to look rosy as she scratches the back of her head.
"Is this a possible love interest!? He better know if he hurts you he will have to deal with me!"
"More like he likes me. I can't think about love when I am a personal guard. You before me."
"I can handle myself, Lyn. I am perfectly capable of wielding a sword."
"I know Sera, we've been together for awhile. Anyways i really need to get going."
"Take care Lyn." I wave at her as she exits from the room.
My lady-in-waiting had already picked out a lovely floral pattered dress that was in a breathtaking shade of blue to contrast with my dark green eyes and strawberry blonde hair.
As for my hairstyle i went for a messy braided bun that still looked adorable. Truly anyone would love it. My shoes were a light brown color to go with the light blue from the dress.
I check my pocket watch after i was done with getting decent and i still had ten minutes to spare until it was seven. I start walking towards the throne room to hear what my parents had to say. 
I make it to the room and i enter as i see my parents that were once greatly loved by me waiting as they were anticipating on my arrival.
"You summoned me mother and father?" I say with slight cowardice in my voice.
"My dearly beloved daughter, might i say we have news for you." My father says with strength behind his voice.
"You see dear, we have decided to start an alliance with the kingdom of Orkidd. The only way they will go through with it is if the Prince of Orkidd, Neo, marries you." My mother says with subtle doubt in her voice.
"I apologize mother and father but i do not know this Neo. I will not marry someone i do not know nor love." I say strong.
They laugh right in my face. "You act as if you have a choice." My father says.
Just then something started to burn within me. Something that would never go away.

"If you do not marry this Prince we will be forced to kill off the kingdom, they are starting to become more powerful than us. If we do not join forces with them they will defeat us." My mother says.

The burn starts to grow into a fire. The fire lets out a flicker of light in my eyes. A fire that will not ever die down.

I walk away from the door.
"I need to talk to Lyn." I say softly.
I run down the long hallways of this ominous castle. I make it to the training headquarters. I slam open the doors to see Adalyne and Williamson going at it hard. Although it was very obvious she was holding back she made it seem as if he was beating her. Just then something in the air changed as she quickly made a parry so strong it knocked his sword out of his hand towards my direction. 
She took off her helm to reveal that she was hardly sweating. Williamson seemed to be in an ultimate awe at the move.
"How did you get so good?" He asks in a soft tone.
"I got taught by one of the best." She says as she walks towards me and gives me a wink.
That sudden action made me swirl back into my memory.

My 13 year old adventurous self always got in trouble. When i was venturing off once i found a girl in the back alley of the kingdom. That place was known for having a lot of bad people so i was quick to draw my training sword just in case. I then saw how her clothes were ripped and she was bruised pretty bad. She seemed to be around the age of 12. 
"Are you ok?" I ask as i held out my hand hoping she would take it.
She looked up with glimmering eyes that could put anyone in a trance. "W-wait, Princess Serafina? What are you doing here!?" She asks in a very confused tone. 
"Shhhh! I don't want people to find out it's me, they will give me special treatment." 
She grabs my hand and almost topples over.
"Can you stand on your own?"
"I will manage."
Just then a loud voice echoes, "There she is!"
Her eyes dilate and she starts to shake.
Two girls who looked a bit older than me emerged from the shaded corner. One had brass knuckles and the other a wooden sword.
"Get behind me!" I yell at the girl and she didn't hesitate.
"Aw you got a little lap dog now, Adalyne?" The girl with the wooden sword says.
"She shouldn't be too hard to take out, she probably doesn't even know how to work that sword!" The brass knuckled girl said as she cracked her neck.
Anger built up in my core. I get in battle stance and i get ready to strike.
The one with the sword stood out first. The first move she made was to strike. That means she was mainly fighting offense. All i have to do is give a really strong parry to knock the sword out of her hands. After her striking a few times i managed to knock the sword out of her hands then pushed her to the ground.
"Melissa!" The brass knuckled girl yells.
"I'm not going to get killed. Let's get out of here," the girl on the ground yells as she runs away.
They both leave within seconds.
"So your name is Adalyne?" I say as i turn around. She seemed to be stunned by my fighting.
"Yes, but how did you get so good at that?" 
"My parents wanted me to be a guard just in case my brother took the throne. They started training early." I say bragging a bit.
"Do you think i could be a guard too?"
I laugh, "If you try hard enough."
After our conversation I took Adalyne to the castle.
"Who is this?" My father asked.
"This is Adalyne, she saved me from two girls who could have killed me. That's why she is bloody. I felt bad, i wanted her to at least get new clothes."
Adalyne's mouth opened. But she didn't disagree.
My father and mother got up from their seats and bowed down. 
"Thank you for saving our daughter. Please let us repay you for your service." My mother says.
"She did say she wanted to be a guard." 
"You will be appointed to Princess Serafina's personal guard. Thank you again." My father says.
Later on Adalyne approaches me with a bandages wrapped around her arms and legs. 
"Why did you say i saved you when you were the one who saved me?" She asked completely confused.
"You said you wanted to be a guard right? I'll teach you how to wield a sword so you can help me when I'm in need. It'll be fun!" 
She starts to tear up a bit, "You are nothing like i imaged a princess to be."
"You are the first person to treat me like i wasn't some mighty god."
"I guess we both had bad judgments."
There was a silence before i broke it, "Training starts at 6 o'clock sharp. Goodnight, Lyn."

I snap back to reality when i realized she was using the sword i used that very day.
"Adalyne i need to talk to you in private."
"Sure thing Princess Serafina."
We walk away from the training room and towards my room. Once we were behind the closed doors i told her what was on my mind.
"Did you know about anything they talked to me about?"
"They told me nothing I am sorry."
"THEY ARE FORCING ME TO MARRY SOMEONE!" I yell out but not too loud or other guards will hear me.
Adalyne stares at me in shock. "So they have gotten more corrupt since you were 15." She says slightly out of breath.
"I haven't met him, Lyn... i don't even know what he looks like or what he likes to do. And I'm being forced to wed him!"
"I agree this is completely outrageous but, you could love him."
I stare Adalyne in the eyes, "I can't let them keep controlling me..."
"You're not suggesting-"
"It's our only option."
"Give it some time, at least meet with him."
"..Fine. I will only meet him."

The End

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