In a land where anything is possible a princess rebels against her tyrannical parents for the many wrongs they have done. Along the way she meets with kingdoms that will aid in her battle.
In this medieval set time, will the princess prevail?

"Ma'am, you have to decide." 
"We have to fight."

The sun was blazing, or so i was told. The day i was born was like no other in the kingdom of Luneria. People in the streets went to their jobs happy that day. Little did they know i was going to live up to my name's definition. Fiery one.

I believe my parents took the best care of me when they weren't busy with other things to do. You wouldn't blame them though. Not many people have the ability to run a beautiful kingdom such as Luneria.
But once i turned 15, they changed. They weren't my always smiling parents anymore. They turned cold and bitter. I don't know why they changed but it was not for the better. They started to wreak havoc on our neighboring kingdom, Emerillys. 
They sent their guards to kill everyone and burn everything.
I did not notice this difference in my beloved parents until i hit the age of 18, they set up an arranged marriage for me with Prince Neo of Orkidd. I had no intention on marrying someone I barely knew. And if i didn't marry him my parents would kill his whole kingdom with the snap of their fingers. I had to do something to stop them. Even if that means having my hands stained with the blood of my parents.

The End

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